The North Face Clothing

Never willing to compromise when delivering outdoor comfort and warmth, North Face Clothing is an iconic presence in winter-proofing the human body against the worst that nature can throw. Layers of protective garments are designed as an ultimate barrier against freezing winds. Waterproof materials effortlessly shield the wearer against the ingress of melting snow and heavy rain. This is apparel that’s rightfully known worldwide as impervious to the cold, allowing the wearer to focus on the fun of a ski slope, on mastering a new trick on a snowboard.

Started back in 1966 as a response to the increase in winter sports, the founders of North Face Clothing saw climbers, skiers and explorers of the great outdoors forced to turn to Army Surplus stores to find their gear. Here they found heavy jackets, some camping equipment and footwear, but the gear was built for the military, for heavy military packs. The outerwear was unsuitable for women and children and, with the burgeoning exploration of mountain heights and a growing ski industry, there was a gap for a smart startup to deliver apparel and equipment specifically geared to all members of the public. North Face clothing was born, the very name a tip of the hat to the toughest ascent face of mountain peaks in the Winter. New categories of clothing for kids, adults and all those in-between, arrived to outfit a public hungry to explore the width and breadth of a great country.

Popularity of the first store, opened in 1966 in a fashionable area of San Francisco, coincided with the upheaval of social change vibrating across America. In fact, San Francisco was at the center of many of these changes, a growth point for everything from mountain biking to exploring national parks. Camping grew up here, as did the idea of getting back to nature, away from conventional life. The Vietnam war came into the life of many, startling the populace with new levels of violence, distilling a reaction of escape and adventure in the outdoors, away from the strife of society. North Face Clothing was growing fast, opening new stores to accommodate the new need for outdoor escape, the desire to contact and commune with nature. After all, if people wanted to be outside, they had to be equipped to cope with the conditions, and this is where the company, still in its infancy, prospered, supplying eager adventurers with high-end apparel, camping gear, and accessories.

The brand name North Face Clothing has since expanded from a few store fronts in the 1960’s, supplying top outerwear to locals intent on exploring Northern California, to the countless stores of today, to factories manufacturing jackets made of the finest materials and fabrics capable of keeping any man, women or child toasty and warm. Athletes, Olympic skiers, and mountaineers who have conquered the worlds tallest peaks, wear North Face Clothing as a matter of pride, shrugging on lightweight clothing filled with innovative means of keeping freezing cold temperatures at bay. North Face Clothing is a world leader in tent design, outerwear manufacture and a top provider of gear for the ski and snowboard culture.

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