Is He Into Me? – 10 signals He Likes You Even Though He is Too Shy to Tell You

“He hangs out and have fund with me but he never said he likes me, I don’t know if he is really into me…”

Don’t feel awkward if you are wondering about this question. You are not alone. Everyday, I see women posting their stories on Facebook, forums and other social website and ask people “Is he into me?”.

I’m going to share with you about the 10 signs you can easily tell if the guy is interested in you. So you don’t have to post your stories online under fake names to ask other people for their opinions any more.

True Pheromones

I’ve heard women say “Never marry a guy if he is not brave enough to tell you he is into you.” I really don’t understand where they got this idea. I’m strongly against for this statement. Not every man is brave enough to tell you that he is into you. There are some guys who are just too shy to tell you he likes you or they are afraid of being rejected. Will you just move on even he is a great guy?

In this post, you will find 10 signs you can easily notice if a guy is into you even he is shy to tell you.  Keep in mind I’m only sharing with you about the general ideas from my own experience, because everyone is different. You are also welcome to add more signs by leaving comments below.

10 proven signs a guy is interested in you

1. He stares at you a lot.

You know how to differentiate “staring” and “looking”. However, you need to pay attention on “where” he stares at. If a guy is staring at your boobs or butt, he might be just checking you out with sexual intent. Make sure he is not “just after one thing”. You know what I mean, right?

2. He jokes with you and laughs at your silly jokes.

If a guy likes you he will like to make you laugh and happy. As a man, I can tell you that men like the feeling that they can make their women happy. Conversely, he also wants you to feel that he can understand you well even when you tell silly jokes.

3. He asks you for a date in a joke.

Some guys are afraid of asking you for a date, because they are shy or they don’t want to get rejected. So they will figure out a way to joke about dating you. They feel comfortable with rooms they can back up.

4. His body language is open to you.

Like leaning forward to you or stand close to you, it can be the sign. Especially about physical distance. According to anthropologist Edward T. Hall’s four levels of social distance, if the distance between you and him is from 1.5 to 4 feet it usually indicate he considers you are a close friend . The closer he can comfortably stand while interacting the more you can tell he is interested in the intimacy with you.

5. He calls your nickname or gives you a cute nickname.

It makes him feel close to you by calling your nickname. If he gives you a cute nickname it indicates he wants to be special to you instead of being just another male friend.

6. He texts you frequently and reply your texts immediately.

Believe me, guys don’t like to text, at least most of guys. The most time I spent on text message in my life was when I was dating my wife.

7. He accidentally meets you in random places.

This is an old trick but you still see guys do that. When you bumped into him, he will tell you something like “I’m just passing by” or “I just met my old friends next block”. Well, we know what he thinks.

8. He remembers things about you.

Especially small things, like food you like to eat, colors you don’t ware or flowers you allergic…etc.

9. He makes friends with your friends.

He does this for two reasons. First, he wants to be accepted by your friends so he will have support from them. Second, he wants to know you more from your friends.

10. He touches you occasionally.

I’m not talking about behaviors like sexual insult. What I mean touch is no more than slightly touching your arms, a pat on your back or shoulders.

I hope you now are more clear and have better ideas on what to do when you are in such situation. However, if you still find more about what men secretly want, I recommend you to watch this free presentation while it’s still available. You will be surprised!