How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

10 Tips To Help Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

10 Tips To Help Get Your Ex Boyfriend BackCertain types of breakups never should have happened, and are worthy of mending.  Are you currently wondering how to get your ex boyfriend or husband back?  Before anything, you need to be sure that this is really what you want.  If you truly feel that the relationship is worth saving, then you may find some of these following tips helpful.

1 – Think about what really may have caused the breakup to happen.  Is it something you have the power to change?  It is easy to get so comfortable in your relationship that you get lazy and complacent, and all you really need to do is pay attention to certain details to make the relationship problem disappear.

2 – Resist the tempation to tell him directly that you want him to come back.  Chances are he misses you too.  Put a little distance between you and give him the opportunity to miss you and want you back in his life.  Of course, overdoing this strategy could push him in the wrong direction, so be careful in how you use this ploy.

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3 – How have you been presenting yourself lately?  Do you still dress to impress him, or have you moved past that and gotten so comfortable that you no longer go through the trouble?  If you go back to applying that extra touch to make yourself more appealing, that may reawaken feelings in him that he started to forget about.

4 – Stir a little jealousy by having fun around other men, particularly some of his male friends.  Don’t give him real cause for concern, but seeing you enjoying yourself and getting a little attention should be enough to make him think twice.  Again, use this tactic cautiously, as there’s a thin fine line between getting the effect you want and having the situation blow up in your face!

5 – Consider the way you’ve been talking to him, compared with how you spoke when you first were dating.  The way you communicate has a big effect on a man’s feelings and responses.  Treat him like you would want to be treated and you can begin to get closer again.

6 – See if you can’t get him to go out and do something with you.  The idea is not to confront issues at this point, but rather to remind him that you can have fun together and enjoy each other’s company.  Don’t put any pressure on, just let things develop at a natural pace.

7 – When you do find yourself around him, remain calm, relaxed and confident.  Show him that you have yourself together and are not interested in obsessing about the relationship and whatever issues you may have had between you.  Stress and pressure are unattractive and have no place in your strategy to get your ex back.

8 – Be unavailable at times.  Demonstrate that you do have a life of your own and you will not always drop everything just because he called.  Don’t overdo it of course, but your independence will give him the chance to miss you a little, and it does make you more attractive to him.

9 – Behave as though, even though you know he cares for you, you are not all that affected by it.  If he senses you are getting over him, he might be tempted to start chasing you.  Let him realize how important you are to him and let him make the next move.

10 – Let him see that you are having fun and doing just fine without him.  If he sees you being who you are, enjoying yourself with your friends and just being the person he was first attracted to, he may very well be reminded of why he fell in love with you in the first place.

These tips to get your ex boyfriend back represent a number of strategies that may be helpful under certain circumstances.  Use your judgement, not every strategy will be appropriate for you, but you should have some ideas now on the different ways to help lead your ex to a place where you can give your relationship a second chance.