12 Dating Rules – Online Dating Rules for Men and Women


Dating Rules – Do’s and Don’ts

While dating, you are always conscious and worried whether you should behave in a particular manner or not. This confusion can have a way out, if you are aware of a few rules. Here, you will find the general rules that must be followed while dating. These rules specify what should be done and what should not be done while dating.

If you are a single and doing job, you would not have time even to enjoy. But as the time passes, you as an individual would always wish to have someone who loves you and takes care of you. But you don’t have time to spare with someone or meet someone. All such things happen because you are crazy for money and value the money highly. Just ask yourself how many hours do you give for love? None, right. This is the reason why you don’t get your love and value money highly. You will surely have money but not happiness.

So, for finding your love, track the following general rules for dating.

Dating Rules – Do’s

Rule 1 Always try to look gorgeous

Rule 2 Don’t be late on dates

Rule 3 Have fun while dating

Rule 4 Try to please him by complimentary remarks to draw his attention on your side. If you praise him by saying that he is looking sexy, he will be happy to hear.

Rule 5 Try to talk something interesting and be interested in his talks.

Rule 6 If you don’t have any interest to date them the next time, surely tell someone. If you don’t have any interest in him, tell him in the best possible way.

Rule 7 Do not date just anyone. Date the people towards whom you get attracted and the people whom you like.

Rule 8 Always be positive, even if there are no positive results for the dates done. For getting prince, you will have to date with some frogs too.

Rule 9 Dating requires your full energy and concentration. Think of plans in min earlier and do dating at the places which you wished to visit in your city itself.

Rule 10 Decide the dating on your own. Don’t depend on another to do this for you.

Rule 11 Practice the flirting and chatting at every possible place like on bar attendants, shop workers, etc.

Rule 12 Always talk nicely with people. Always surround yourself who think positive for dating. People, who talk negatively for dating, try to remain away from them.

Dating Rules – Don’ts

 Rule 1 Always call someone once in a day and not more than that until they reply.

Rule 2 People, who try to get rid of you, remain away from them.

Rule 3 Men should always reach on time and never be late, even if it’s a very good valid reason. Women hate men who are not punctual

Rule 4 Don’t lie or pretend of something that is not true, while dating

Rule 5 Never ever come across as too desperate or too available. People like enigma and thrill of chase while dating.

Rule 6 Never reveal all your information in the starting.

Rule 7 Never look here and there when you are on a date

Rule 8 Don’t talk rudely or drink while dating.

Rule 9 Always keep personal safety before going on dating.

Rule 10 Don’t reveal all your personal information on the first day itself

Rule 11 Be very patient on first day and don’t ever have sex while first dating, if you want to date with them the next time.

Rule 12 Don’t date a person who is married. It’s sure that they wouldn’t leave their wives or husbands for your sake.

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