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Rollerblade Company – The True History

Rollerblading is a name that has been applied to the inline skating sport as a result of the large role that the “Rollerblade Company” played in creating popularity out of the inline skating sport. Rollerblade, Inc. was not responsible for inventing, manufacturing or designing the very first inline skates. However, the Rollerblade Company or Rollerblade, Inc. was so successful in their endeavor to market inline skates and inline skating equipment, […]

Rollerblade Company

Clean Rollerblade Bearings

Clean Rollerblade Bearings

Clean bearings are going to roll smoother, roll faster, and will last much longer than dirty bearings. Dirt and grime foul the bearings and can cause pitting which make rotation uneven and rough. The following paragraphs have instructions for cleaning bearings with removable shields. If you do not have removable shields, then skip the following instructions. Cleaning and lubricating your bearings often will make them last a long time. Also […]