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The History of Water Sports

We’ve been swimming, snorkeling and playing basic water sports for centuries, but the true water sports, the ones loved for harnessing the power of the waves and the strength of the tide, came to us from distant exotic islands where man was as at home in the warm water as he was on land.  Surfing, as we now know it, allowed islanders to stand on a wooden board and feel […]

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Wakeboard History

The History of Wakeboarding

To understand the origins of wakeboarding we have to throw our mind’s eye back to the 1960’s. This was a time when water sports was looking for new thrills, new ways to feel a unique contact with water. Few people other than surfers and water-skiers understood that connection, the almost spiritual link to the raw power of the incoming tide, and the ebb and flow of the surf. Water-skiers were […]

The History of Snowboards

The curious history of the snowboard would seem to make it an obvious invention but the winter board didn’t really reach fruition until about 35 years ago. Since then that invention has exploded from continent to continent. It captures elements of skiing and sledding, of surfing and skateboarding. The experience is said to be incredibly liberating and challenging, sending sprays of powdery snow up into the faces of experts bound […]

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The History of Skiing

The History of Skiing

From the moment men first made their way up into Alpine mountains, among the sparsely located pine trees and virgin fields of fresh snow, there must have been at least one among them who wondered how to take advantage of the slippery substance, siding down the entire length of the mountain at breakneck speeds.  Cave paintings show humans on ski-like contraptions pushing themselves down slopes. Perhaps there was a primitive […]