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The Basic Biking Skills You Need to Know – Handling Obstacles

In the previous article, we discussed the basic techniques of braking, climbing and descending. In this article, we will discuss the basic skills to handle obstacles while biking in light of backcountry and urban tracks. Backroad Obstacles Logs: You have to shift backwards while pulling the handlebar and swiftly pedaling in complete harmony to clear the front wheel of your bike. Once the front end clears the log, swiftly lean […]

12 Mountain Bike Tips for Transitioning From Pavement to Dirt

Mountain Biking: The Basic Skills You Need to Know

The desire to descend quickly, climb better and clear every obstacle on the way to go faster might never become so overpowering than the days when your self-esteem receives a jolt on being dropped from the riding group. In fact, we might all have gone through the experience. You will definitely need physical fitness, lots of riding practice and countless bailouts to become the hottest biking star on the neighborhood, […]