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Contraceptives – Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I forget to take a tablet? Assuming that you are less than 12 hours late in taking a tablet, just take the missed tablet and carry-on as per normal. Take the next tablet at the usual time, even if this means taking two tablets in one day. There will be no need for additional protection in this case. If you are more than 12 hours […]


Over 3 out of 10 men experience PE regularly

Over 3 out of 10 men experience premature ejaculation regularly!

Over 3 out of every 10 men experience PE regularly and cannot last as long as they want during sex. This is regardless of race or age. Even though it affects a huge number of people, PE is not widely discussed by the men who experience it. Read this article to discover why men often have to suffer alone with their issue. When sex ends prematurely, it’s common for men […]

Not Turned On? Try Pumpkin!

Women have used perfume to turn men on for generations. They go out and buy the $200 or $300 bottles of perfume in hopes of getting their men aroused. Indeed, there is a correlation between scents and arousal, but is perfume the best way to get your man’s blood flowing? According to recent studies, no. The key to getting your man in the mood is something you may not even […]


What Men Should Do to Control Premature Ejaculation

What Men Should Do to Control Premature Ejaculation

One common problem that most of the men experience is having premature ejaculation. Since adolescence, when men usually do their thing in the bathroom or under the covers, they tend to train their bodies to ejaculate fast or prematurely before someone caught them masturbating. As it was carried out until their adulthood, they experience problems when they are making out with their partners. One of the complaints that usually come […]

The Truths About Andropause: Understanding Menopause in Men

Women are not the only species who undergo hormonal changes over time. Do you know any male individual, might be your father, brother or partner who acts overly strange lately? Does he seem lethargic, forget things most of the time, or wake up from sleep sweating? He might be suffering from hormonal imbalance closely alike to that of the women. Though this might be questionable, recent studies suggest that menopause […]

“The Truths About Andropause: Understanding Menopause in Men” is locked The Truths About Andropause: Understanding Menopause in Men

Your Nose Isn’t the Only Thing You Inherited From Your Father

Your Nose Isn’t the Only Thing You Inherited From Your Father

Most women are terrified of the idea that their men may cheat on them. And what’s more, those who have had the misfortune of having their husband or boyfriend stray will tell you that they didn’t really see it coming. The reason is, men are – as a general rule – more preoccupied with sex than women are. Sure, there are plenty of women with a sex-drive comparable to a […]

Serge Nubret Fulfills His Destiny in Pumping Iron

When the movie Pumping Iron begins, the stage full of extraordinarily well developed men looks the same in many ways. The sculpted figures, the amazing bulges and the stylistic way they strike a pose gives the impression that there is nothing there behind those muscles.  Nothing could be further from the truth. The tremendous discipline that it took for those bodybuilders to reach the top bodybuilding competition that was the setting for […]

Serge Nubret Fulfills His Destiny in Pumping Iron

Enhance Sex Drive - Male and Female Enhancement

Firmer and Longer Erections in a Safe Natural Way

Improve Your Sexual Urge Have you ever wished to have a more durable and satisfying love-making experience? If the answer is positive, you are welcome aboard the crew of male persons with the same frustration problem of poor performance in bed. You can like it or not, but the fact is that inability to provide a longer and more sensual performance is considered by a lot of male persons as […]

What’s Breast Actives?

Are you feeling like half the woman you used to be? Do you have feelings of inadequacy or do not feel like you still have your young full appearance? It can be hard to fully enjoy your body if you feel like something might be missing from your image of a perfect you. We all feel like we can improve our physical appearance and overall feeling of ourselves and what […]


Total Curve Treatment – Benefits Of Natural Breast Enlargement

How to Overcome Complex of Small Breasts With Total Curve Lots of people are curious to know about breast enhancement supplements and creams these days. With the minimal possibility of side effects and zero percentage of drugs, breast enhancement creams and supplements are no doubt one of the most natural sources of breast enhancement for females. There are only few ladies who are born with perfect natural breasts. Approximately 80% […]