3 Killer Ways To Attract Men: Learn How To Attract Men

Have you been in a situation where you really liked a guy and wanted to know him but didn’t want to approach him because you didn’t want to look desperate or maybe because of your ego? Well then, read this article and I will tell you 3 killer ways to attract men. You don’t even have to know how to attract men in order to make him approach you. I will tell you exactly what attracts men.

Eye Contact: You are at a place – disco, pub or a restaurant and you like a guy and you want him to approach you then you will have to make eye contact with the guy in regular intervals. Most of us men know how to approach a woman but don’t know when to approach a woman. We don’t want to look pushy or desperate. So you women have to give us some kind of signal that you are too interested in us. Keep looking into his eyes often. But don’t overdo it or you will come out as some kind of weird person. After making eye contact look away quickly and put a light smile across your face. A bit of blushing and a light smile can do wonders for you.

Accept anything he sends: Your guy might send you a drink if he is interested in you. You shouldn’t reject it; even if you are full or don’t like it. Grab the drink in your hand, look towards him and mouth ‘Thank you.’ You are not supposed to say it but just mouth it. Then again, put a light smile. You can also offer him a drink to show your interest in him.

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Be Alone For a While: Men hardly approach a woman when she is with her friends and most probably your guy won’t either. If you want him to approach you then you should sit alone for a little while. Sit at the table when your friends are on the dance floor or sit at the bar for a while or anywhere. But you need to be alone so he can make his move.

Be Yourself: Men like to approach women who are genuine and not pretending just to get attention. You shouldn’t be an attention seeker. This turns off men instantly. If you want to attract men then be yourself. Don’t try to laugh harder or talk louder just to grab his attention. There are other ways to grab his attention (point 2) which you should follow. Also don’t try to flaunt your assets. You might attract men who are only interested in you sexually and end up getting hurt. You should be normal, decent and simple.

If you follow the tips above then you surely will be able to make a man approach you or make him attracted towards you. If you are serious about attracting men, then I would suggest that you read ‘How to Attract Men.’ It is an amazing piece of work which illustrates huge number of ways to attract and even seduce men. I have suggested it to many of my friends and all have praised this book. You can check it out at: How to Attract Men.