5 Kinds of Women Men Don’t Like

Everyone knows what women want in their men and what they don’t want, but do women know that kind of girls/women put off men? Here are the 5 type of women that turn men off immediately:

The Cribber or Pessimist: Men don’t like women who most of time think negatively or crib. It is a great turn off. We men have our own problems and to get away from them, we try to spend time with an attractive women or someone we like. Now if you crib 24×7 or talk negatively then it would be very, very irritating for men. If you want to complain then complain once in a blue moon. Men don’t like women who crib and bitch all the time. Take the responsibility to change what is bugging you or don’t crib. Simple. You can’t attract men with that attitude.

Weight-Watcher: We know you like your curves but you don’t have to avoid ‘every delicious thing’ when we are on a date. What is a date without amazing food? Don’t be too conscious about your weight when you are with a man. It would turn him off instantly. Hit gym for an extra hour the next day but learn to enjoy your time with a man. If you want to attract men, forget about your weight for the time you are with him.

True Pheromones

In-law basher: We all know that very few chosen ones have the pleasure of getting good in-laws. But that doesn’t mean you keep bashing your in-laws. They are somebody’s parents. Also as men, we expect you women to be polite and respectable towards your elders. If you don’t have anything good to say about them, then speak nothing. You should be sensitive if you want to attract men. But don’t over do it. That will turn off men.

Workaholic: Women who keep talking about work, work and work all the time even when they are out on a date or in living room with their husband. We men work too. We need to spend some time away from work and indulge in some peaceful activity. But your work talk irritates us and sometimes even makes us worry about your own work/job. If you are on a date, a man may want to know about your hobbies, your views on him and other details of your life. He would be least interested in your work unless you both work in same field.

The Advisory Body: Men hate women who keep on advising them about life or whatever. They think that they have seen life enough and go on advising men. Stop doing that. When I tell you think, I just want you to listen and console me, not go on giving me life advice. I want to date a normal girl and not mom. If you want to attract men, be a women and not his mom.

So now you know what kind of women we met hate. Hopefully this will help you to attract men in better way or even make your relationships last longer.