About Crank It!

Join me for articles and media items dedicated to adrenaline sports, to extreme activities that feature an element of danger.

That’s where the thrill lies after all, in mastering a new trick, taking your new mountain bike down a notorious trail, or finding a beach where the waves defeat the best surfers. There’s something about adding a little risk and a lot of speed to my sports that has found its way deep into my blood, and I know a lot more folk out there have a similar addiction to taming waves and skiing near vertical slopes, so stay with me as I build this blog up with top articles and information designed to educate and entertain.

In the next few months we’ll be looking at the history of some of the most fun, and dangerous, sports to be found on land and water. I’ll be exploring year wide sports that take us to muddy parks, and winter sports way up mountain slopes covered in fresh snow. I’ll look at cool equipment and gear, hopefully leaving you informed and ready to invest in a new sport that will make you feel truly alive. Let’s get started …

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