Over the years, precious metals have turned out to be an established investment solution as people seek a way to protect themselves against an unpredictable economy. Likewise, the numbers of precious metal selling organizations have risen as different traders seek to take full advantage of precious metal deals. If you aim to join in the action via APMEX though, following is an APMEX evaluation to help you understand precisely what the firm is about to begin with. APMEX, Inc., based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is the world’s largest online retailer of precious metals, with over $6.5 billion in transactions since its founding in 1999.

Product Variety

APMEX is a highly held internet-based precious metal trader. Besides gold items, the firm also offers silver, palladium and platinum. Considering the affordable pricing and the wide bullion choices offered by APMEX, purchasing from the firm is a trouble-free course of action, and the greatest thing about it is that the company’s over the phone, web and IRA prices are the same.

Additionally, APMEX also offers an assortment of alternatives for buyers looking for gifts. Those merchandise selections include coin jewelry, bezels, key rings, and money clips not to mention silver currency bars and gold pendants. Buyers hoping to find coins to say ‘thank you ‘or to celebrate special dates can therefore be assured of enough selections. The configuration on the site also allows for effortless browsing so that customers may purchase the products they desire without the need to search through all the other sections, and this can be further narrowed down with regard to the manufacturer and size.

Payment and Shipping Alternatives

The enterprise requires bank wire for orders greater than $25 ,000, and credit cards for acquisitions on the range of $50-$1500. For purchases between $1500 and $5000, traders have more options as they can pay via money order, credit card, checks or bank wire.

Even though APMEX shipping process is secure, it is quite complex. Nonetheless, all the packages are covered by insurance, and dispatched through FedEx, USPS or SPS, and those are accompanied with tracking data. On delivery, the recipient has to provide their signature for safety purposes.

Apart from that, the costs buyers pay to get their goods shipped cater for insurance coverage, and this probably explains why several the shoppers who deal with APMEX comment that they would carry out transactions with the enterprise in the future. Additionally, it is not uncommon to run across an APMEX review of a customer stating that they would suggest the business to somebody they know.

Customer Service

APMEX customer service agents are prepared to assist investors with the gold purchasing procedures and being that they are not commissioned, they focus on providing traders with the guidance they require as opposed to manipulating them into sales. To help consumers know exactly what they are buying, the business provides you with a detailed product description including specs on the grade and thickness of the item. Along with this, buyers also have the alternative of going through reviews given by other customers.

In view of the substantial costs that come with precious metal investments, APMEX also provides buyers with process documents which can help you better understand what the buying process involves. They also provide a detailed instructional video that gives a thorough procedure which ultimately presents traders with answers to virtually any additional inquiries they may have. When customers finally decide to invest in gold or any other precious metal for that matter, they can either get assistance from an account supervisor or make their order on the internet.

Customer Complaints

APMEX is one of the top favorites for investors looking to put their money on gold. One of the most popular features of the company is their transparency of costs. APMEX commits to “no commissions for services performed” and “no hidden fees” and customer reviews over the internet would testify to the fact that the company indeed observes utmost transparency in matters of costs and charges. This perhaps also explains the fact that APMEX enjoys an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau– the highest rating available with them. However, before you make your mind, you must research your options well and pay due consideration to aspects which look somewhat less rosy. For example, when talking about APMEX, in spite of their A+ rating at BBB, you will also find as many as 61 complaints listed against APMEX’s name there in the last three years.

So, while the company presents great BBB ratings, the fact that it has been given many customer complaints simply cannot be overlooked. In many instances, any time an issue arises, consumers tend to make every effort to deal with the organization involved before they resort to the BBB for a solution. With 61 complaints submitted in the past three years, it shows that APMEX may not be as good at preserving customers as it is at finding new ones. Consequently, it’s crucial for traders to be keen before making an investment with the company.

Considering how sensitive the gold market is, each and every company should be operated based on maximum levels of trust. However, with the numerous negative reviews concerning shipment processes, expensive cancellation fees, and late returns among other concerns, recommending APMEX as the ultimate precious metal business may not be completely accurate. There have also been cases of an APMEX review in which the client complains of not having received the product they expected.

Besides the negative reviews, APMEX does not have any information listed on BCA, hence no BCA complaints. Neither does it have any facts posted on Kudzu or Citysearch –and that is in spite of its sound general standing and long presence in the market. However, the company has 6 reports made to rippoffreport .com, thus highlighting the matter of customer satisfaction yet again.

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