Are You Having the Right Image?

Are You Looking Good?

If you are a man, you might think that good looks are everything.

After all, when you turn on the television you see all of these great looking men with perfect bodies with women hanging all over them. Hollywood has led all of us into a false sense of self-worth.

In real life, women look for so much more.

True Pheromones

When in high school girls will flock after a football jock regardless of how he looks. They have this sexy image in mind because football players having muscles and looking sexy. The facts are, after football there are few of them that maintain that football image. Within a few years they look just like anybody else. They no longer have their muscles and many of them put on weight because of the lack of daily exercise.

Women had much rather have a man that does not think of only vanity. They want a man that can carry on a conversation with them.

They want a man that shows them respect and treats them like a lady. They want to be able to go out to dinner and carry on an interesting conversation without feeling awkward.

A man should be able to talk about things that interest women as well as things that interest them. A woman wants a man who will listen instead of being indifferent to their conversation.

Clean, Neat, and Well Dressed

Women want to be seen out with a man that is clean, neat, and well dressed.

Being handsome takes a back seat to cleanliness.

No woman wants to be seen in public with a man who doesn’t practice good hygiene.

Being neat and well-dressed does not mean the man has to have a lot of money to buy fancy clothes.

A man who can match clothing colors and dresses for the occasion is what a woman wants. Don’t show up at a fancy restaurant wearing your old blue jeans and sneakers.  Instead, put on a nice pair of dress pants and a dress shirt. Leave the sneakers at home unless you are having a work-out date.

If the place you plan to go requires a tie, make sure you have one on. If you are uncomfortable wearing a tie then you need to choose a more casual place.

Women are attracted to men who exhibit confidence in themselves. A man should be comfortable with himself and he should be comfortable in the presence of strangers. When a man shows he is comfortable with himself and his surroundings, he exhibits power.

Power is very attractive to a woman.

Women enjoy being with a man who has a sense of humor.

Being serious all of the time is no fun.

A woman likes to laugh and she likes to be able to share that laughter with a man. There is a time and place for everything. Laughing is fun and it makes you comfortable with each other. Without laughter you will be in for a very short and boring relationship.

Last of all, a woman wants a man to treat her like a woman. Open doors for her. Buy her flowers occasionally. Let her know you respect her as a female and she will be eating out of your hand.

Looks will only go so far. Once you get passed the physical appearance you will then discover a real and meaningful relationship.

So remember to get yourself all clean and ready before you step out of your door today!