Asking Anyone Out – Get Your Time Right

Are you breaking your head thinking of the best time to take your girl out or to meet her for the first time? Don’t you worry? It is one of the most common doubts that pop up in everyone’s mind while dating.

Many relations fail to make it to the finish as people choose wrong times to meet and not because the dates were bad! If you are just 22 and still are dating a girl who is serious about getting married, you have timed it terribly wrong, my dear. Picking up an acquaintance while on a brief foreign assignment could be another instance of shoddy timing; it forms part and parcel of your life and there is actually no way out of this predicament. Take the bad things in your stride and keep going as the spent time and arrow never comes back! You can take a negative answer from a girl in its face value as they mean what they say.

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Test the waters before asking a girl out as you will be off target if you discover that your heartthrob got married a few days back or that she has just walked out of a bad relation and hence is not yet ready for another relation so soon. Or consider the possibility of the great girl you met relocating to a new city soon; so these are hard facts of life that are well beyond our control.

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If your proposal is accepted you have a fair share of control on timing it ideally. Normally the first thing that comes to your mind would be to fix up a weekend outing as the clubs and pubs remain open till late and there is a festive mood and moreover you can relax the following day even if you need to stay out late. But this need not translate into good timings either. Though weekdays are comparatively lack luster affairs as everyone will be engaged in work and a date on a working day would not be far fetched idea as you can afford to be casual and relaxed on a weeknight. Moreover if it is your first date, a weeknight would ensure a relaxed milieu. Dating on a week day also opens up more dates in a shorter span of time.

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Make sure that the girl is given an option of date or location and subtly inform the girl that you too are preoccupied. Remember that being always available would sound boring to your date. If you think it is lame excuse, it might be a hint that the woman is no longer interested in you and it’s time for you to move on. So, time it right and ask a girl out only when you are confident of a yes as the answer. While asking a girl to waltz when she is in the company of her friends might not pay off in the ice breaking stages. Taking the girl on to the dance floor at the wee end of the day could not be termed love it could only be termed as desperation. Watch out for any positive signals as both the partners should be mentally prepared for the best possible outcome. Never rush your moves.

  • Always offer alternative choices for the girl while fixing up a date
  • There is no pint in making a fight over her excuses
  • You should sound busy to retain interest
  • Pick up a weeknight for the first date
  • Select the apt time to approach a date in a bar
  • Never ask her out when she is visibly upset or preoccupied