Bald Dating Tips & Online Dating Advice to Bald Men


Being bald can be a real menace for those men who are seeking a date. Baldness is the result of a natural phenomenon, just like getting wrinkles and growing older is.

Why the Obsession?

Women have often been found to be averse to the idea of dating bald men as for them baldness comes in the same breath as being stricken or ill does. This signifies an extremely shallow thinking and unbalanced youth sense. These women should understand that their current hairy boyfriends could also become bald someday. Men who say that they would date only those women who have properly sized breasts (neither small, nor big) are considered as sexist fools and chauvinists. Then, why are these women obsessed with shiny locks and full heads? Why is hair considered important for dating success by these women? This just doesn’t make sense.

Interestingly though, men who have shaved their head purposefully are not counted here. It is in fact considered fashionable or the consequence of some requirement. Whatever it is, a good hair line has always been a major requirement for being attractive and for dating success. Although personal tastes vary. Even bald men are considered sexy and masculine by some women.

The basis of dating is physical attraction. It involves subconsciously seeking partners with whom we can procreate. Though hair loss is tied with aging and maturity but still it is considered as off-putting and unhealthy by a huge number of womenfolk. This obsession is more prevalent in U.S due to genetic factors. It is much more accepted in Scandinavia, Western Europe and the U.K.

We should understand that baldness does not signify poor health at all. It is a consequence of the natural aging process, similar to the sagging of women’s breasts, neck lines and eye lines. Balding is a stage wise and gradual process. Media and movies are largely responsible for this full head obsession on the part of women as leading men have always been depicted as having full heads. For e.g. Clint Eastwood, David Bowie, etc. Hence, hair is considered as a natural youth domain. But, this is not true in all the cases as men like Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage are also considered extremely sexy, irrespective of their hair loss. So maybe, having full heads is not the only criteria for being attractive. The entire package which includes various personality traits like confidence levels and success are equally or maybe more important.

Hence, men should start feeling confident irrespective of their hair loss. They should learn living with it but this is easier said than done. Feeling comfortable with purposefully shaved head and a head which is slowly losing hair naturally and permanently are two different things. You should rather think positively by thinking that women disliking bald men are not worth being dated on account of their shallow thinking and both of you would have never properly gelled with each other. Similar guys should not judge women on the basis of their breasts size and ass size.

Be Confident:

Confidently carry your bald head with panache and sophistication. Think about getting your head tanned, dressing well, etc. as almost half of the womenfolk consider looks and masculinity more important than baldness. You will soon find a few ladies who would be drooling over your style. Stop aiming for those women who desire shiny locks and full heads as this will help you in saving a lot of disappointment.

Hence, if next time a woman considers your bald head as more important than other facets of your personality, you have probably found a match which is unsuitable. If you desire, you can point at her shortcomings too before leaving.

Steve Douglas: My name is Steve Douglas. I am 34 years old from California, US. I, just like millions of men had to go through a break up with my beloved girlfriend. But I was fortunate enough to get her back. After this experience I decided I will create a platform that will help men that are in the same situation as I once was. I hope you enjoy and share my thoughts and recommendations to learn how to get your ex girlfriend back.