Benefits of Bee Pollen – The Honey Compendium

Benefits of bee pollen have been spoken and known about for centuries as a brilliant natural nutritional supplement but actually bee pollen benefits extend much further than that.

What is Bee Pollen?

Bee pollen actually originates in flower blossoms. However, it receives its name from the fact that it is collected on the head, bodies and legs of honey bees as they migrate amongst blossoms in search of nectar to make their honey.

Our all important plant pollination is also very much dependent on bee pollen benefits, without the uses for bee pollen you can forget fruit tree pollination too. What, no more fruit!

Honey bees use their front legs which have little bristles to brush the pollen off flowers and plants to which they then secrete their own unique enzymes into, including the nectar they have collected to make their honey.

By flitting from flower to flower these busy little bees make good uses for bee pollen by transferring it to each plant, this is what makes our gardens grow. We just take all this for granted however; those little bees deserve to be called busy little bees.

Whatever is left on their little bodies is carried back to their homes and beekeepers who know all there is to know about benefits of bee pollen for health purposes collect these golden granules via a specialized device placed at a hive’s entrance.

As the honeybees pass through this device into a beehive, the pollen they have collected is brushed from their legs, pure pockets full of gold, into a receiving vessel, and the remains end up inside our wonderful Raw Honey.

Benefits of Bee Pollen – The Components

Rich in B vitamins, which naturally boost our energy levels and essential vitamins C and E, which are both very powerful antioxidants, the benefits are indeed far-reaching.

Also, present in this super food are a very potent mixture of minerals, amino acids, carotenes, hormones, proteins, flavonoids and good source of carbohydrates.

With all of these elements, combined, it is easy to see why the restorative and preserving benefits of bee pollen are often referred to as a type of Fountain of Youth just as honey is referred to as the Food of the Gods.

One of the main reasons people seek out their own local raw honey is the strong belief these benefits of bee pollen will desensitize and cure their seasonal allergies.

Bee Pollen for Allergies certainly works for those of us who suffer leaky faces in the spring and summer months!

Also to its credit, bee pollen is believed to be one of the only naturally produced super foods that are able to offer every nutrient that the human body needs in order to sustain itself and that alone is a great reason to try out uses of bee pollen for ourselves.

Benefits of Bee Pollen – For Health

When you take a bee pollen supplement or even better a spoonful of fresh bee pollen, one of the first things you will notice is a marked increase in energy and stamina. Some even report an improvement in memory and cognitive functioning almost immediately.

Recommended dosage of eating bee pollen is a large dessert spoon or 15 grams each day but a little more is unlikely to cause you harm. Children, by the time they are eating a varied diet can quite safely benefit from bee pollen too.

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One of the amazing bee pollen benefits is the fact it is strongly alkalizing which helps to reduce the acid effects in those who eat a lot of meat and dairy products. This in turn helps to reduce and prevent osteoporosis, great for those of us who are worried about our bones.

There are many reports of men who suffer with prostrate problems who have received remarkable healing results and even those who endure Crohn’s Disease have benefited. Some pretty good reasons for us all to eat a spoonful each day.

For people who are not allergic to bee stings or pollen, with the continued uses of eating bee pollen many people have also reported experiencing a slowing down of the aging process and several of the following benefits of bee pollen:

  • Improvements in blood pressure
  • Assisting in weight loss
  • As an aid for their digestion
  • As a stimulant for their immune system
  • Many say it reduces the signs and symptoms of aging
  • All say it increases their energy levels
  • Has a noticeable effect on increasing libido
  • Helps considerably in eliminating signs of depression
  • And even helps the skin including acne

Bee Pollen Benefits – Who Discovered Uses for Bee Pollen

The discovery of the benefits of bee pollen is nothing new. In fact, Hippocrates, who is widely credited as the father of modern medicine and discovered its uses as a healing instrument nearly three thousand years ago.

There are many quotes about its uses, along with the Health Benefits of Honey; it is also quoted in ancient religious texts such as the Bible, the Quran, the Talmud and, more recently, in the Book of Mormon.

Mentioned also in ancient oriental scrolls, the Chinese have always relied heavily on the uses of bee pollen as have ancient and modern day Egyptians.

They are not alone nowadays, as modern research bears out all the amazing bee pollen benefits and surprise, surprise, it is highly recommended by many doctors.

A little word of warning before you rush out to buy some, it is strongly advised to anyone who has had serious allergy complications, especially those with a known allergy to bee stings, and pregnant or nursing women all of you are strongly advised to consult a health care professional before taking a bee pollen supplement or bee pollen granules.

Anyone who is interested in receiving the benefits of bee pollen is advised to select a high-quality supplement extracted from a clean environment, as those extracted from a heavily polluted environment can cause toxic side effects.

What is the Best Way to Eat Bee Pollen?

It is actually available in multiple forms; the benefits of bee pollen can be gained by taking a supplement in either a tablet, capsule, powdered or granulated form.

However, if you are lucky enough to know a beekeeper I am sure he or she will sell you some fresh bee pollen granules and other than that have you considered starting your own honeybee garden and becoming a beekeeper yourself.

You would be able to discover and use the benefits of honey and collect your own pollen at the same time…..brilliant!

Other Benefits of Bee Pollen

Plant Pollination, yes seriously, without our honey bees and their efforts as they flit about our plants we would have very few of these. Fruit Tree Pollination will be seriously affected along with much of what we eat!

My friend Angela who lives in beautiful Canada has a whole website dedicated to the benefits of bee pollen, Angela is a Beekeepers daughter and this is her specialty. She was further convinced about bee pollen benefits after seeing their use in a clinical setting during school,

Angela says: “I made them a priority in my health regime and still use “natures most perfect food” to this day” what she doesn’t know about Bee Pollen is not really worth mentioning.

For those of us, isn’t that all of us? Who are interested in natural nutrition you may also like to check out Bee Power in this “no hype” website and read what they have to say about Bee Pollen Benefits.

Thankfully, as a super food that has existed for centuries, honey bees and beekeepers have made sure that the benefits of bee pollen are now easily accessible to all.

Overall, bee pollen benefits are numerous and have been successfully used to support good health for many generations.