Best Chatroom Dating Tips

Want to make hundreds of friends? Feeling lonesome due to lack of friends? Well, why worry; just be happy with online dating services –the fastest way to make friends and dates of course. You may meet numerous friends on the net and a soul mate amongst them. Feeling thrilled about it.

Plus the anonymity of the chatting sites gives you ample scope to discover and decipher according to your taste and liking. It is not obligatory to dress-up right for the occasion nor can you inspect the other person. You may enter a chatroom as an invisible person and watch the activities (written) of that particular room, even if you join in and do not like the raucous atmosphere, just log out and presto all the pests are gone with the click of a mouse. You may change your nickname frequently to avoid being recognized.

Here are some handy tips for becoming more –chat –savvy.

  • Protect your true identity at all costs : don’t use your professional email to log on to a chat room. Sign up with fancy nicknames with famous search engines like google, yahoo and hotmail, who have their own chat rooms. Don’t reveal anything other than your gender and country.
  • Avoid giving personal info: even in casual conversation or chatting, never give out your exact location, workplace area or the town you live. Use your head, while speaking about the heart. Be wise and never indulge in any conversation, where the other person is trying to locate you.
  • Use Common Sense : Use discretion and sound judgment. Avoid a person who sounds creepy and strange. He may be mentally imbalanced for all you know. Avoid a person who is keen on you even if you have told him/her of your disinterest.
  • Be Truthful: if you want people to be honest, you yourself should practice it first. Don’t give personal details but at least don’t pretend that you are of the opposite sex or likewise. For example, if you are a boy, don’t pretend you are a girl. The other person may use the same tactics on you too. And god-forbid if you meet your dream date with such blatant lies, then you have already lost the battle before you have even started it.
  • Don’t Imagine Too Much: if you are on a chat room, you really have no clue about the person at the other end. So don’t assume things, don’t fantasize he is a good-looking hunk, you may be verily disappointed when you finally meet in person. Keep an open mind and never attempt guesswork
  • Don’t fake pictures: You have liked a person and you want to swap photos with him/her.  Send a recent photograph, which is good but not overtly flattering. Misleading snaps can cause major disappointments in later life. Never send the snap of your friend or your cousin in an attempt to pose as an attractive girl/boy.
  • Similar activities: If you’re on the right track and have hit it off with a date, share your favorite pastimes and other activities with one another. Make sure that you gel with your newfound date.
  • Final meeting: You have a great friend through online chatting and you want to meet him/her. Decide the point of meeting; let it be a public place, which is safe and comfy. Be prepared mentally. To talk over a chat room is different from talking in person. Even you are not getting on well, make some excuse and leave the place. Take extreme precaution; let someone elderly know the place of the meeting in case of some calamity…

Therefore always play safe when you are online and use your common sense while talking to uncommon friends.