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Best Gold IRA Companies Accounts

What is the number one way to plan for your golden years? Let’s take a look at the facts. You and your spouse have worked very hard all your life. Now, as you both grow older you want to enjoy those remaining golden moments. You want to do all of the things that you never had time to do while you both were working.

However, there is an impediment that is blocking your plans for a happy future. It is the worldwide economic condition. The world’s economy is in a mess and your life savings in cash and bonds is at risk. That is why you need to invest your savings in gold and other precious metals. There is no better way to invest in gold than investing in a Gold IRA Company.

Many investors are putting their retirement savings into U.S. dollars. Is that a wise thing to do? The reality of the situation is that with the current economic conditions many believe that the U.S. dollar is more stable than other paper currencies. However, many knowledgeable investment advisers suggest that an investment in U.S. dollars is like buying the best house in a poor neighborhood. Is that where you and your spouse want to place your future financial security, in a bad neighborhood?

There is a better choice for your retirement future. This choice has been proven over and over for centuries. When all ancient civilizations have had their currency devalued, gold survives and even thrives as an alternative. For this reason, a Gold IRA account is the wisest choice for your investment dollars..

There are many different types of investments that one can include in their investment portfolios. They could include such investments as real estate property, term deposits, actual cash, precious metals, and blue chip stocks. The percentage that each portfolio should include is still a hotly debated subject. However, as the owner of your investment portfolio you should do your homework and trust some of the experts for investment advice. Plus, you will discover that what is the best way to invest is both practical and logical.

A gold IRA account is a great way to add value to your investment portfolio. The majority of countries in the world are responding to their economic woes by printing more money. This printed paper currency has no backing. It is simply a piece of paper. With the increase in the inflation rates this paper becomes more worthless by the minute.

What that means to you as an investor of paper money is that your buying power is decreasing day by day. The longer that you keep these almost worthless pieces of paper, the more worthless they become. All it takes is a visit to your local supermarket to see how much less your dollar buys.

A gold backed IRA is a terrific alternative to your decreasing value of cash held savings. In the long term it will protect your retirement investment portfolio from disappearing. It fact, as mentioned earlier, history has proven that it will allow your investment portfolio to continue to grow in real value. To set up your own personal gold backed IRA is easy to do. That is some good news for those who find investments a challenge.

Some of the things that you need to know about a gold IRA account are as follows. A gold self-directed IRA account that will comply with all of the IRS rules and regulations allows you to have physical gold and other precious metals in the account. This is a great investment tool for those of you who want to protect those Golden Years of retirement.

As mentioned above, you can include physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium in your self-directed IRA. There are some restrictions but the following can be included. American Eagle coins in all 4 metals, bars or rounds, Canadian Maple Leaf coins, Australian Kangaroo nuggets or coins, and some of the other coins and bars. For a complete list of what is included search the Internet at

Besides the actual physical precious metals, you can also include gold ETF’s, stocks and gold mining company shares. The first and most important thing to understand about precious metal companies is that there are different risks for different levels of mining companies. These risks need to be understood before investing in the stock. A qualified stock broker can help you with this information.

For example, many of the larger mining companies have been established for years and are in the process of producing many thousands of ounces of precious metals. They often will have mines in many countries and their mines have been producing profitable metals for years. They will be more expensive to purchase per share but the benefit to you is that your investment remains more secure.

If you want to have a riskier investment that pays a higher return, you can buy shares in a speculative or intermediate mining company. These type of companies are primarily exploratory or early production type of mining companies. Their cost per share will be much lower than the more stable larger companies they will provide a greater profit along with a higher risk. Their land holdings will be smaller than the larger mining companies.

There are no restrictions to the amount of IRA plans that a person can have. If you have an existing IRA plan that relies on the U.S. dollar, you can transfer it or roll it over into a gold IRA. This can be done as long as it is from one custodian to another custodian.

A rollover of accounts happens when an investor takes the money from an existing IRA account and then deposits it into another IRA account, preferably a Gold IRA account. The law allows you to only rollover the same money once every twelve months. This will allow you to maintain the tax deferred standing of your retirement savings.

The bottom line is to do the smart thing. Put a good portion or all of your retirement savings in a Gold IRA account. In the long term, you will be happy that you did.