Best Way To Buy Gold

The best way to buy gold, as many individuals with a keen eye for detail will attest to, is in the form of gold coins. Beautiful coins that symbolize something about the country where they originated, and have personal impact, can be a pleasure to collect.

Yes, gold coins can be a great investment if you’re investing for fun. There’s nothing quite like holding and perusing highly coveted coins like the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf or the South African Krugerrand.

The appeal of gold coins is something that never fails to catch the attention of discerning coin collectors, increases demand and has an effect on increasing the coin values. Untarnished, uncirculated gold coins with historical value are actually the most sought after by avid collectors and make them great investments.

The best way to buy gold coins is actually by educating yourself with knowledge, particularly which coins are in flawless mint state and were not publicly circulated. There are, for instance, $20 gold coins struck in 1933 that had not been circulated and became part of the National Numismatic Collection of the US.  Indeed, US gold coins depicting Lady Liberty clutching an olive tree and a torch while in an advancing position (and a soaring eagle on the reverse side) are also much in demand.

Apart from appreciating the beauty of rare coins’ design and their historical value, these collectible precious metals can also offer security in investment. First-time gold coin buyers may wonder if gold is a solid form of investment. Well, if the past ten years is anything to go by, then yes it’s a solid investment opportunity. Year on year, the price of gold has seen strong growth.

Men of distinction, like King Farouk of Egypt, are among the celebrated personalities who were drawn to special gold coins like the 1933 Gold Double Eagle as an investment vehicle.

Nowadays, gold coin investors and collectors tend to get coins from trusted dealers or acquaintances, and often over the Internet which makes it very easy and convenient to get involved. There are several well-established and trusted online gold traders where you can buy certified gold from.

The American Eagle gold bullion coin is one that is much sought after and really holds its value. It has the value of bullion gold due to its gold purity and content. These are popular forms of gold investment as the coins themselves feature beautiful designs which make them great collectible items, in addition to their intrinsic value.

Of course we have been talking about buying gold bullion and taking physical possession of it. However, this raises some serious questions such as how to store and keep it safe, the increase in insurance if you are storing it at home. A more popular way is for investors to rollover their IRA into a Gold account or their 401k into gold.

This means that all or part of your investment and savings portfolio is store in the form of real physical gold but is held by a gold custodian, so you don’t have to worry about its storage. There are many companies out there that offer gold IRA rollovers and turning your 401k into gold, but all are not created equally.

Gold is one precious metal that is accepted the world over and buying online through a trusted dealer is simple, quick and safe. It puts gold investing within the reach of most people nowadays and that is only a good thing. Purchasing gold coins with historical value and through a trusted dealer is definitely the best way to buy gold and a great way to store and secure your wealth.


Donna Morgan

Donna Morgan

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