Brain Vitamins

Brain Vitamins

Speaking of brain vitamins, have you or anyone close to you ever said that they were having a blonde moment? Or perhaps you have thought, “my neurons just don’t spin enough today!” Well, to defend blondes; we can all have a “blonde” moment without necessarily having to being blonde!

Our brain sometimes really isn’t working properly. That could be for a variety of reasons such as diet, stress etc but ultimately a big reason is because we do not get enough of the “brain vitamins” to look after our little thinker and optimize its performance.

We can fix this though. We can stop having “blonde” moments. Yes, we can begin to make our brain work properly once more. All we have to do is keep the proper nutrition and begin to start taking in certain vitamins — vitamins that will help with brain function.

Here are is a short list of some supplements and nutrients that will help you.

Vitamin E: That’s right, the good ol’ Vitamin E. Vitamin E will help you with blood circulation and stop potential Alzheimer’s disease.

Ginseng: An all-natural herbal memory supplement. Can also be combined with ginkgo biloba. Both herbal supplements reduce your fatigue and help you to maintain mental alertness! Less fatigue and focus means more time and efficiency to get things done!

Many students use Gingko and Ginseng before an exam to help with focus, memory and concentration – They are great study aids

Antioxidants: Plant extracts, fruits and many other foods contain antioxidants. So do Vitamins E and C. These antioxidants destroy free radicals that will damage or destroy the tissue and cells in your body – Yepp, including brain cells!

Antioxidants are probably the most important type of “brain vitamins” – In today’s processed world we get nowhere near enough of these. Most products only contain certain antioxidants as many important antioxidants are from foods in exotic locations.

Alpha Lipoic Acid: This specific antioxidant has multiple positive effects. It can protect the nerve cells that send messages to and from the brain as well as prevent heart strokes. Two in one!

Some good brain vitamins to prevent brain dysfunction are:

DHA (Also known as an Omega 3 – Fatty Acid): identified as a component in fish oil that can prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s. Consuming lots of fish will help with this one. Or if you’re not a fish lover, fish oil supplements are a cheap alternative and very beneficial.

Of course supplements, vitamins, and nutrients should be carefully monitored. Having too much or too little of these brain vitamins could result in non-optimal brain function. More often than not, we do not consume enough vitamins in this “processed” world so supplementing is a good option.

Not taking them at all will likely heighten your risk for several types of diseases, strokes, and dysfunction of the brain, currently and especially in your senior years.

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