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Bullion Vault – How To Buy Gold

Would you like to know how to buy gold safely, not have to concern yourself with it’s secure storage and sell at a time of your choosing, hopefully for a decent profit? Like to know where to buy gold online that allows you to do this? This is what I did.

Bullion Vault - How To Buy GoldSeveral years ago I became more aware of money, in terms of just how fragile it really is. There I was working away, earning my money and at the same time the government was taking more off me in tax and also printing more of the stuff, diluting my already diminishing pile. No matter how you look at it, if you keep all your wealth in paper money you will be progressively worse off, year on year. It was time to fight back! Bullion Vault, is a company that allows you buy and keep gold at current market prices, without all the extra hassle that normally entails. Here’s what happens:-

You create an account and associate a bank account with it. Choose carefully as once linked, you cannot change. This bank account will be the one you fund your account from and where all monies will be transferred to when you withdraw from your Bullion Vault account. The advantage of this should be obvious. Your funds can never go into any other account, your money is secure.

You then verify your account by means which are common place now and also by sending them, electronically, some form of photo id, normally your passport or identity card.

Now the fun part, time to invest. You have the choice of three currencies, British Pound, United States Dollar or the Euro to buy gold in one of three vaults, London, Zurich or New York. The prices are similar but not necessarily identical. You can, through skillful trading, make your money go further and purchase a little more gold in one vault than the other. With the relative value of currencies changing constantly, the buy and sell prices for the three vaults are also constantly changing, but that’s where the skill comes in. Timing is everything!

You get a monthly account statement emailed to you and can of course log into your account at anytime for a current position. Every time you do though, an account accessed email is generated, another worthwhile security feature. If it wasn’t you who logged into your account, let them know immediately.

Apart from a small monthly storage fee that is either deducted from your available funds or runs as a negative value against the value of your gold, that’s it, no more to tell. In a little under three years I managed to turn in an 30% profit on investment. At the same time the government was printing more money and taxing me more. The way forward seems clear to me. If you want to know how to buy gold for investment purposes, I can think of no better way.