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Calories in Honey

How many calories are in honey?

Calories in honey should not worry you unduly. If you are concerned that there appear to be more than in sugar or other chemical based sugar substitutes this should not put you off eating this deliciously healthy golden fluid.

There are approximately 64 calories to each tablespoon full of honey as against 46 for the same amount of sugar. However sugar and most sugar substitutes have absolutely no nutritional value and are purely designed to sweeten your food.

We are talking about a good raw or organic variety and not the “too pretty to pass by” type. These have been mixed and blended with other sweeteners which is why they are so cheap.

There are many types of honey and most of them tend to be sweeter than sugar which means you use less to sweeten your food and actually consume fewer calories in the long run.

Honey calories are packed full of goodness and health giving nutrients, vitamins and minerals. We cannot say the same thing for chemical sweeteners. Eating these good calories will give you all the benefits of eating honey.

We all want to be healthy or healthier and many people wish to lose a bit or even a lot of weight and for this reason are very calorie conscious religiously counting every calorie that passes their lips. Relax a little and try to understand there are good calories and bad calories.

What is a Calorie?

It is a measure of energy or a unit of heat. We need them to provide us with energy in order to function in our everyday lives and to help us during times of physical exercise. They are worked out in a very scientific manner and if you would like to check this out in more detail Wikipedia has a huge page of information.

Did you realize that if you just sat still in a chair all day and did nothing your body would still burn approximately 1400 calories? These are used purely by your body breathing and your heart pumping your blood around your system.

Everything we eat and drink contains them except for a glass of water. Some foods and drinks are laden with them and some have just a few. A stick of celery for example is very low in calories and by chewing one you would burn more of them than you actually eat.

A lot of your food can be made healthier without losing any of the sweetness or flavor by substituting sugar for honey in honey recipes and a nutritional healthy diet can be achieved by following my very own honey diet.

Why are Honey Calories so Good?

They give your system a real boost which is a long lasting energy boost allowing you to keep going a bit longer throughout the day. Starting your day off with a cup of tea and honey is far better than starting off with a cup of tea with sugar which does give you a quick sugar fix but doesn’t last very long.

They are also totally fat free calories, yes a fat free food source and let’s face it there are not many of those around are there! They are packed with antioxidants, just as many as most fruit and vegetables and it is possible to lose weight by eating them! My article about Honey and Weight Loss describes just how in greater detail for you.

Honestly, if you are worried about calories in honey please don’t be, just include them sensibly in a healthy eating plan and not only will you be doing yourself a huge favor but you will enjoy health benefits from fat free food and thank yourself for it too.

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