Can I Get My Ex Girlfriend Back? The Answer May Shock You!

“Can I get my ex girlfriend back even if we broke up a long time ago?” Yes, you still can! Oftentimes, it seems so difficult because we are blinded by our ego thinking that it is our partner who was not able to fulfill the duties of being a girlfriend. The dilemma of most men is how to get their ex girlfriend back without compromising their ego.

Can I Get My Ex Girlfriend Back? … Here’s The First Step To Winning Her Back

Can I Get My Ex Girlfriend BackYou have probably asked yourself this question many times, “Can I get my ex girlfriend back even if I was the one who initiated the break up?” Realization is the key to almost all successful couples who got back together. Contemplate on all the pros and cons of the relationship including all the positive and negative attitudes of you and your ex girlfriend. Accept that at some point in your relationship, you have done something wrong to complicate the situation.

Acceptance is a virtue that is difficult to internalize, as well as admitting one’s sins. You do not need to go to a religious individual to tell all of your mistakes but just the mere recognition to oneself that you are a human capable of doing bad things to your peers. Everything starts from within and if you want her and the relationship back, be decisive if you can do necessary amendments in order to make things work.

Being Back Together Starts Over Coffee Or Lunch

True Pheromones

The ways on how to get your ex girlfriend back is not an instant feat. Do not rush into details of your agenda especially if the events prior to your breakup are still fresh on her mind. When you do, you might be just pushing her away and make her feel awkward of the situation. When a romantic relationship is broken, the couples become somewhat distant to one another and they back to being strangers. This is a natural occurrence.

Thus, if you are the man initiating the restoration of your relationship, be patient and casual as much as you can. It would be difficult for the girl to talk to you again after the hurtful words that you told each other. Talk nicely and smartly and if you feel that she is not ready for another relationship, keep it to yourself until it is the right time.

If Getting Back Together Is Not Meant To Be, Be Friends With Her

If you cannot make her want you again in a romantic relationship, settle to becoming her friend again. One of the main problems why most young couples ended up in a frustrating break up is because they were not friends first before they became lovers. Reality is, when you are friends with someone and both of you decided to advance it onto the next level, you are safe that you can keep the person intact in your life even if you have broken up.

Now that you are given a second chance to start something with her, why not do it in a right and smart way? Take things easily and accept everything as it comes to your way. It would not be that easy but sure it will appeal to your ex girlfriend. It would absolutely make her feel that you still value her as a person despite the madness that has occurred between the two of you.

Be Affectionate Is The Best Way To Win Her Back

It is inevitable that as you go along your friendship, you will start expressing your feelings especially if the love is still there. But do not expect that she will respond mutually. At some point, she may experience confusion and resistance about your status and your affection towards her. Do not hesitate to explain.

Be calm and sincere when you tell her that you still want your relationship back and the reason why you are trying to be a good friend is to be able to win her again. When you do everything in a nice and sincere manner, she will feel your good intentions and probably consider your proposal to her. It will take some time as the girl will also weigh her feelings for you and examine whether the relationship is still worth the second chance.

Dating Is The New Way Of Winning Back The Relationship

When she gives you a second chance, it is not the end of the battle. Sometimes, it would be complicated which makes you cautious about the things that you will do and say. This is a good thing but can be transformed into a negative one if you magnify everything. Even if you are dating, always try to be civil and casual. Do the things that you were not able to do for her before. In short, be a better man for her.

Dating can also be the start of your renewed bond to one another. This is a perfect timing wherein you can transform yourself to a whole new you and place your best foot forward once again. But while doing so, always keep in mind the things that ruined your relationship with her and use them as reminders to improve.

To Win Her Back, Start Liking The Things That She Love

You may think that this is already too much of your adjustments in order to regain your relationship with her, but oftentimes, this is worth the sacrifice. You probably have disregarded the things that make her happy during your previous relationship and instead, you focused on her being the ideal girlfriend. If this has become routine, then there is no point of continuing with the relationship.

Now that you are able to win her attention back, start liking the things that ultimately makes her happy. It pays off that you are trying your best to appreciate things that matter most to her heart.

Let Go Of Your Ego If You Want To Win Her Back

Honestly, in situations like a dramatic breakup, having the pride get in the way won’t get you anywhere. There are no easy ways to get your ex girlfriend back but you can always work your way through her heart again.

Remember that if you were able to appeal to her bad side, you can also make some arrangements to the other one.