What Men Should Do to Control Premature Ejaculation

What Men Should Do to Control Premature Ejaculation

One common problem that most of the men experience is having premature ejaculation. Since adolescence, when men usually do their thing in the bathroom or under the covers, they tend to train their bodies to ejaculate fast or prematurely before someone caught them masturbating. As it was carried out until their adulthood, they experience problems when they are making out with their partners. One of the complaints that usually come up while having sexual intercourse is the dissatisfaction of the partner because the guy is having problems with premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation, sometimes called premature climax, is a condition wherein a man experiences ejaculation earlier before his sex partner achieves satisfaction or orgasm, and it becomes one of the common complaints that affect men most of the time. It is common in younger males who are about to start sexual activity and most men of all ages who haven’t had sex for a long period.

According to researches, the man’s inability to control his ejaculation is often linked to his psychological issues. It may be because of men perceives early sexual experiences as indecent or unacceptable in other ways. There are also men who suffer from premature ejaculation because of having increased sensitivity in their penis and increased levels of some of their hormones. Most of the time, anxiety and excitement also play role in causing men to have premature ejaculations. Usually, a man may worry about going about his partner’s sexual expectations. This fretfulness may eventually result in an early climax to a man.

Premature ejaculation may happen any time. It is commonly happen while having sex, giving an embarrassing impression that leads to confusion and frustration for both partners. However, men can control the urge and its reaction to stimulus through a wide variety of intervention. Drugs and desensitizers can be used if prescribed by your physician. Men can also intervene without medical intervention by following some several techniques to learn how to control his ejaculation.

Squeezing. If about to ejaculate, take a quick break and squeeze the base of your penis with the thumb and index finger. Apply firm pressure for about 10 to 20 seconds until the impulse to ejaculate that was felt is decreasing. This kind of technique was developed and suggested by most sex therapists to decrease sexual tension and repress ejaculatory response.

Stop and Start. If nearing climax already, withdraw the penis from your partner and allow relaxing for a while to prevent ejaculation. This could prolong sexual intercourse.

Do Kegel. Kegel exercise helps tighten the pubococcygeal (PC) muscles on the pelvic floor. Men and women have this kind of muscle, as it aids in cutting the flow of urine and semen for males. One can perform exercise everywhere. Having a strong PC muscles will facilitate ejaculatory control when one is at the height of the climax.

Warming-up before sex. If there’s still time, man can masturbate a couple of hours prior to intercourse with your partner. Most men might last long their first orgasm. This is because the first orgasm expels much of the excitement and anxiety that was felt prior to intercourse.

Premature ejaculation can be prevented, provided that you follow some of these simple techniques to control your body. While doing these techniques, your partner must be patient and understanding regarding your situation. With this, you should communicate your intentions and your goals with your partner so as she will understand and be willing to help you.

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