Cost of Online Marriage Counseling

Cost of Online Marriage Counseling

When a couple needs marriage counseling, one of their concerns may be how they are going to pay for it. Another concern is often how they can coordinate their busy schedules to make time for proper counseling. Without addressing both of those issues, they may end up not getting the counseling they need. That can lead to more serious marital problems, and even to divorce. One of the first steps toward getting the help they need is exploring the cost of online marriage counseling.

Finding sites that offer the best options

The cost of a marriage counselor online can range from free all the way up to several hundred dollars per hour. Generally, people get what they pay for, but that is not always the case. It is possible to use a counselor who does not charge much and still get good results. The couple needing counseling should be focused on more than just the price.

How well the couple and the counselor work with one another and how comfortable they feel with one another is also very important. People who cannot get along with a particular counselor should definitely work with a different one, even if that costs them more. It is difficult to put a price on potentially saving a marriage.

Consider sliding fee scale counselors

For couples who do not have a lot of money but who really want to see an online marriage counselor, there are sliding fee scales available. These work by looking at the couple’s income and charging them for counseling based on how much they make. If they do not have much money coming in, they will pay less for counseling than a couple with a much higher income.

These types of sliding fees can be very beneficial for couples who have a low income, because it can allow them to work with a good counselor they would not otherwise be able to afford. There are many counseling programs that offer this option, so it is a good idea to ask before signing up for anything. Not making a lot of money should never be a barrier to getting needed marital counseling.

Online vs. In-Person Counseling

The cost of online counseling is important, but it is also vital to compare the value between online and in-person counseling. If the couple is not getting much out of their online counseling sessions, it may be well worth it to find a local counselor and attend sessions in person. Online options are not for everyone, even though they can cost significantly less in many cases.

The most important issue to consider with marriage counseling is whether it is helping the couple who have sought it out. If it is not helping, then changes need to be made. These changes may include finding a different counselor, but can also include changing the type of counseling the couple is receiving. Switching from in-person to online, or from online to in-person counseling can make all the difference for a couple committed to saving or improving their marriage.

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