Deer Antler Velvet Study

If you are a sports fan and haven’t been living under a rock then you must have heard of deer antler velvet. It is being touted as the next big performance enhancer. But what exactly is deer antler velvet? At first glance you would think it is the soft velvet surface of the antlers, but deer antler velvet is much more than that. It is the actual cartilage of a ¾ grown deer antler in a pre-calcified stage. It is this cartilage that contributes to the growth of muscle in the human body.

The NFL banned Oakland Raiders coach Hue Jackson from endorsing deer antler velvet and Major League Baseball is already warning players not to use it.

Deer antler velvet has already been tagged as a possible steroid alternative by pro sports because it contains IGF-1 or insulin-like growth factor. IGF-1 regulates human growth hormones in the body and is considered detection free unless a blood test is taken.

These so-called negative reports have only helped sales of deer antler velvet. One of the most trusted manufacturers Deer Antler Plus sells their deer antler velvet in capsule form. I take deer antler velvet in capsule form daily and I have never looked back since I started. This article goes over the pros and cons of deer antler velvet spray and deer antler velvet capsules.

Does deer antler velvet work?

Deer Antler Velvet StudyBut the big question out there is, does deer antler velvet, which has been used by the Chinese for 2000 years, actually work?

A study done in the United States took a group of male weight lifters and gave of them deer antler velvet and the other half a placebo for 10 weeks. The placebo group showed no difference in bench press or squats after 10 weeks, however the group who took deer antler velvet increased their bench press 4% and their squats 10.1%. Scientists also reported a noticeable increase in aerobic capacity from the group who actually took the deer antler velvet.

Although sales of deer antler velvet have gone up, there is still a negative perception in sports. David Vobora tested positive for steroids after using deer antler velvet. And while he was not taking steroids in any form he had to fight in court to be reinstated into football.

Manufacturers and companies of deer antler velvet continue to insist their product is pure and contain no steroids.

Deer Antler Velvet is getting more popular!

Due to the growing market, there is now plenty of competition for makers of deer antler velvet. But keep in mind, not all manufacturers are the same. Certain companies, like Deer Antler Plus, have the harvesting rights to the highest quality deer antler velvet and claim you will definitely feel a difference taking their product.

What this industry needs is a big clinical study funded by all the competing companies to put any doubts to bed.

My personal experience has been positive and I notice no side effects except increased energy and strength. Thousands of people take deer antler velvet daily and thousands more are just finding out about it.

Steve Douglas

Steve Douglas

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