Dinner and a Movie Date Ideas

Old wine in a new bottle- would be the best way to summarize the timeless idea of dinner and movie dates, which has been doing rounds since your grandfather’s times or even before! It has been a customary practice among couples to hang on the dinner and movie formula in their attempt to make an unbeatable and romantic evening! Now the time has come to try out some innovative ideas to pack a punch to these timeless rituals of dating. Did you know that there can be countless variations and possibilities? Just try out some of these:

Weave a theme into your Dinner and the Movie : It would be a good idea to match the theme of your dinner with that of the movie! If a classic love story is in the cards why don’t you settle for a romantic, outdoor medieval dinner? If you are a game for spine chilling ghost stories, make the pick from a handful of Halloween recipes right in your living room done up in Halloween décor! Movie is an ideal excuse to catch up a conversation with your date on anything under the sun! This would break off the inhibitions between you two. The dark theater milieu sets the right stage for a cheeky spell of cuddling or a peck in the cheek that is normally expected in dating!

Enjoy the off peak benefits of Brunch and a Matinee: If dinner times are getting overly crowded that squeeze the fun out of your outing, you can settle for an excellent alternative, which falls easy on your wallets as well! Swap the dinner and movie idea with a brunch and matinee! Many up country restaurants offer never- before prices and options for lunch time; and matinees come dirty cheap when at times you can grab the tickets for as low as half the night time cost of the same movie!

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Drive-In for the double fun of Dinner and a Movie: Nothing can beat the fun of a drive in theater where you can afford to be casual and chic in your PJs! No hitch of finding the seats in the dim lit theaters or the hassle of getting dressed up to go to the theater- drive in theaters are the last words in comfort and simplicity where you can enjoy the movie without being bothered about the so many frills that go with an outing! Pack in your choicest goodies and enjoy the ultimate luxury of a moonlight dinner in the cozy confines of your car! This works out fine for single parents who can also bring in their kids to share the fun! Just consider the thought of a full family outing topped off with dinner and movies!

Experience the heady option of dinner and theaters: Dinner theaters are absolute fun and excellent ice breakers! The cocktail of Dinner and movie is the best bet to discover each other and to enjoy some intimate moments together. Have a grub and enjoy the amusement all at once! If you thought it’s all about dine and fun, you need to stem your thoughts as dinner theaters allow you to even participate in the show and not just enjoy it!

An interactive treasure hunt dinner theater show would be the best spot to get rid of all your inhibitions and to enjoy the fun and frolic. This would also go a long way in cementing the bonds of your relationship! If all these were not enough spot out a café or a way side eatery to chatter away the rest of the night or to savor a scoop of dessert to sign off this romantic evening in style!