Discover The Secret Of A Happy Marriage

Discover The Secret Of A Happy Marriage!

Grab The Opportunity Of Having The Marriage You Dream Of

What would it mean to you if you knew the secret to a happy marriage? Would that transform your relationship? What if you knew how to end the conflict and pain, how to restore the love and connection? Wouldn’t that be worthwhile? Even priceless?

What if, for all this time, the secret of marriage has been hidden? What would you do if you knew the secret? What would be different in your life?

Well, that is the truth! I firmly believe that marriages that succeed have stumbled upon these secrets. And marriages that failed, well, they never discovered them.

The sad fact is that almost 50% of marriages will never discover the secrets. But you don’t have to be in that half of the marriages. Now, you can become a part of the successful half. More than that, you can become part of the 10 to 20% who claim to have happy, thriving marriages!

True Pheromones

I thought It cant be that simple, but it was. It really was! I discovered the path to happiness in our marriage almost instantly! –Laurie M., Cincinnati, Ohio

You should, because that is truly the case. There is a secret, but it doesn’t want to be hidden. Many secrets stay hidden, but this one is a secret because it hadn’t been discovered, until now.

We all know the painful statistics: nearly 1 in 2 marriages end in divorce. 1 in 3 children can expect their parents to divorce. We are eternally optimistic. We believe we can beat the statistics!

A recent Louis Harris survey found that 96% of college students want to marry or already are married. Ninety-seven per cent agreed with this statement — “Having close family relationships is a key to happiness.”

When we get married, we often stroll into the courthouse, purchase a marriage license, and off we go to a short ceremony. We get married at a church, in a garden, at a home, or some other location. Everyone is excited, patting us on the back. We get the congratulations, then we are shoved out the door to figure out how to do it, how to be married. And every other couple walking out the door will face divorce.

Marriage is difficult, we tell ourselves. But marriage is NOT as difficult as we make it out to be. The problem is, we don’t know what makes a marriage work, what the secret to a marriage really is.

Couples who discover the secret (really a series of secrets) survive. And if they learn enough, they thrive. Then, they realize that marriage is not difficult, you just have to understand it.

We just love to moan and cry about how difficult it is to be married and stay married, much less how to be happily married.

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