Do Girls HATE You?

Do you ever feel like girls just don’t like you?
And that’s why you have such a hard time attracting them?
And why don’t they like you?

Do you feel like you’re not good looking enough?
Do you feel like you’re not cool enough?
Do you feel like you’re not rich enough?

For whatever reason, there’s a belief in your brain that says there’s a REASON that girls aren’t INSTANTLY attracted to you.

Let me tell you a story…

It’s a story about two guys, both of whom are below average looking dudes, who aren’t rich, famous, or super smooth.

One of the guys thinks that because of the way he looks – and all the other unfortunate factors that are out of his control – women won’t find him attractive. So even though he goes about his day trying to flirt and meet women, it’s very hard for him to get anywhere because he doesn’t believe a woman can find him attractive.

The other guy, has a different outlook.
Instead of focusing on what he doesn’t like about himself, he focuses on what he does like. He looks forward to going out and meeting women.  He has fun flirting with them. He obsesses over the things he likes about himself and doesn’t hesitate to show these traits off to others.

One guys is alone and miserable.

The other guy is having fun and seeing many beautiful women.

Can you guess which one is which?

Well, now I’ll reveal the surprising twist that would make M. Night Shamalan jealous…



That was me.

One was me from about four years ago.

The other is me now.

I used to OBSESS over the stuff I felt was wrong with me, justifying it by saying I was a “perfectionist,” and the world had to comply with my standards of what was good looking and what wasn’t.

I’m not alone in this.

Many guys believe that you have to have certain things in order to attract women.

Things like:  Youth, Muscles, Hair, Money, Fame,  Good Looks,  Height.

It doesn’t matter what it is, but there is always something.


You don’t need ANY of that to get a good woman into you.

Here’s the REAL difference between the guys who get chicks and the guys who don’t…

The guys who get women LIKE themselves.
The guys who don’t HATE themselves.

That’s the distinction right there.

When I focused on everything I didn’t like about myself that I felt was unattractive, it put me in a terrible mood. I was always angry and bitter about my lot in life, and I resented all the other people. Because no matter how I tried to hide it, women could pick up on the fact that I was a big ball of negativity.

(And guess what? That only attracted negative evil women!)

But as I’ve learned and grown, I was able to shift my thinking to more positive aspects of myself. And when that happened, the results were dramatic, and almost INSTANT.

Because positivist attracts other positive things, negativity attracts negative things.

When you feel good about who you are, and what you DO have that you like, women will naturally be attracted to you.

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The time to enjoy true and lasting success with women is now.
Don’t wait another second.

Steve Douglas

Steve Douglas

My name is Steve Douglas. I am 34 years old from California, US. I, just like millions of men had to go through a break up with my beloved girlfriend. But I was fortunate enough to get her back. After this experience I decided I will create a platform that will help men that are in the same situation as I once was. I hope you enjoy and share my thoughts and recommendations to learn how to get your ex girlfriend back.

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