Don’t let money be the reason

Do not let money be the reason

Every marriage goes through good times and bad times. Even couples that are entirely dedicated to the marriage will find times when they must make the choice to stay married every day. Marriage counseling can help a couple during the difficult times. It can help a couple to communicate in a non-threatening environment with a trusted mediator to ensure that both sides are heard.

However, marriage counseling can be expensive and time consuming. Many couples find online marriage counseling to be a feasible alternative in today’s busy modern world. However, many couples find online marriage counseling to be quite expensive.

Unfortunately, there are not many resources for financial help in online marriage counseling. Some creative ways of pursuing revenue must be utilized in order to fund counseling. There are several ways in which one can do this.

Personal sales

One of the quickest, easiest ways to get cash is to sell some things. Do some spring cleaning and hold a garage sale. Garage sale signs are easily purchased at any supermarket. Buy some signs and stickers to label the price on the items to be sold. Set the garage sale signs out at convenient locations around the neighborhood to provide directions to the house.

On the day of the sale, just relax and allow the customers to browse. After the sale is over, take the money accumulated and put it towards marriage counseling. Working together to prepare and run the garage sale may, in fact, contribute to rebuilding the marriage. Doing things together is the best way to overcome difficult times.

Another option is to look critically at big items. If there is an extra car, boat, bike, kayak, or anything that is unused, consider posting it for sale on E-Bay or Craigslist to generate the money to fund marriage counseling. Once again, it may be discovered that the willingness to sacrifice a big item rekindles the love felt for one another.

Donation sites

There are several websites which people use to raise money for personal causes. People use these websites to fund various personal projects that range from a dream vacation to funding for a serious health condition. is the top rated website for such donations. Starting an account is easy and convenient.

Once the fundraising campaign is started, it can be shared on various social media websites to get the most publicity possible. Donations can be made through checks or bank transfers. From the campaign website, updates, thank you cards and changes can be made. The site is very user-friendly.

Another website is This site has been mentioned in various media outlets, including CNN Money, Fox News, Life Hacker, Entrepreneur, Successful Fundraising, and NBC. It works in much the same way as

Both sites are easy to use and receive a great deal of publicity and success. It would be easy for a couple to set a small goal and raise the money that they need in a short amount of time. Creating one of these sites together and explaining the love story that dedicates people to each other may indeed bring the couple closer together and eliminate the need for marriage counseling.

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Don’t let money be the reason

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