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Dating Dislikes: Doom Spells Of Your Relation

Though Dating dislikes are something unique which might differ from case to case, there are still some common traits we all dislike while dating someone. You love to see your date in fiery orange hair dye; it doesn’t mean that every one on the road should appreciate this style. However keeping in mind some of the common trends might come handy in any relation.

1. Lack of hygiene occupies the top slot in the list of dating dislikes. Many men tend to overlook the finer aspects of hygiene. It is something more than just flipping over your disheveled hair or getting your shirts pressed. Do not forget the timeless saying of ‘first impression is the best impression’ as it particularly holds waters in instances like dating. Make sure that you take an elaborate wash and shave and look at your formal best. A blob of a mild perfume or an aftershave would leave a pleasant impression in your date.

2. Clothes have an equally important slot in dating dislikes. Do not look like a buffoon by picking up the wrong clothes. Dress to the occasion; even if you are chic guy who does not like to take off your jeans and tee shirt, a proper shirt would be a sensible option for a first date. Remember it’s the time to grab a few eyeballs and to leave a personal stamp in the other person’s mind. It does not mean that you should use up all your plastic, shopping for Armani. Women can pick up something subdued with a slight hue of chic. Too tight dresses or those that reveal too much skin might not leave a good impression in your suitor. Do not forget that wrong clothes can land you up in messed up dates.

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3. Money. Yes, though it might sound crazy, too much money is very much in the dating dislikes list. Both being in rags or riches might prove a dampener as far as dating is concerned. To flash your wealth is the last thing that you want to do as it would instantly put off your date. Let your ambitions speak out and not the cash you have. Keeping the cash chats to a minimum would do you a lot good. Even if you cannot help talking about your ultimate aim of buying a house in the Hamptons, never try to drill this idea to your date’s brain; it might backfire! And what if you belong to the elite clan of millionaire? Play cool till you are comfortable with each other as you are after all dating the person and not the purse, remember?

4. Dishonesty. Try not to paint a rosy picture by add-ons and frills. Just to make your profile captivating, do not puff up things. Be honest as it is the only thing that survives the on slot of time. Even harmless lies over a pint might leave a bad taste when you regain level headiness. Bear in mind that honesty forms the bedrock of strong dating relations.

5. Bubbly drinks are sure shot ways to a disastrous dating experience. While you were still in college, a pint or two might have gone well with your vivacious profile. However it does not go with a mature and serious adult on the look out of a serious relationship. Nearly all girls think that alcohol was the main culprit in breaking affairs. Men force down their drinks to gain enough confidence while on dating but they are not realizing the fact that by drinking too much they are cutting a sorry figure in front of their date, which seals the fate of their relation.