15 Most Effective Foods For Your Brain

15 Most Effective Foods For Your Brain

Here’s a list of 15 natural and easy to obtain foods that are great for enhancing your brain power. This list is based on scientific facts and studies that have proven the overall health benefits of these foods, not to mention their brainy benefits! Several other foods are excellent for the development and maximization of the brain, apart from the foods listed here. However, these are the top 15 most effective brain foods that will give you the maximum benefit.

1.Wild Salmon

Wild salmon is probably one of the best sources of essential fatty acids such as Omega-3. That apart, wild salmon also has low saturated fat, high-quality animal protein and very low levels of mercury compared to other seafood. Eating wild salmon is the best thing you can do to improve matter, improve your mood, synaptic connections, arteries and reduce your risk of Dementia, Alzheimer’s and stroke.

2. Cacao Beans

The Aztecs used to revere this bean; in modern times, this bean is known as a veritable powerhouse of mood, happiness and cognitive enhancement, owing to the presence of Theobromine. That apart, cacao bean contains excellent flavonoids, antioxidants, catechins and several other body and brain enhancers. Eating a bar of chocolate that contains cacao beans is a great idea to boost your brain power.

3. Matcha

Matcha is the finely ground green tea powder derived from the Gyokuru leaves. The top layer of leaves are carefully selected, dried and ground according to ancient Japanese methods. Brewing this tea and drinking it all, including the power, gives you a rich boost of amino acid L-Theanine, catechins, Antioxidants, C and A vitamins and Fluoride. However, be sure you buy the genuine, stone ground matcha tea only.

4. Eggs

Eat your omelets and scrambled eggs without guilt now. Eggs contain choline, considered a brain superfood. Your body needs choline to produce acetylcholine, a chemical that can prevent memory loss and Alzheimer’s.

5. Walnut, Flax, Avocado and Olive Oils

Chock full of brain healthy Omega-6 and Omega 3 fats, these super oils should be your default choice, not canola or corn or soy oils. Even though these oils are higher in calories, they’re excellent for memory, brain power, concentration and growth of new brain cells.

6. Tempeh

Tempeh is an essential, fermented protein that gives you a terrific health boost, apart from stabilizing your blood sugar levels. Of Indonesian original, this traditional soy product is made from a controlled and natural culturing and controlled fermentation process, binding the soy beans into cake form. Tempeh is a great source of protein for vegetarians, and can be had in a variety of ways.

7. Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are high on fiber, Omega 3 fats, and vitamins and are an excellent brain food as well. Include small amounts of flax seeds into your diet for starters and see the benefits. Just two to three tablespoons of flax seeds taken daily can snap you out of severe depression, owing to the mood boosting DocosaHexaenoic Acid (DHA) contained in them.

8. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt contains tyrosine, which helps perk up mental alertness and concentration. Given that yoghurt is fermented food, it’s easy on your bowels as well.

9. Green Salads

Full of vitamins C and E and necessary antioxidants, a green salad does the trick every time. To make it an extra special brain food, thrown in some oranges, some bell peppers, broccoli, fruit and plenty of nuts and seeds.

10. Blueberries and Strawberries

Bursting with antioxidants, these fruits kill those free radicals that ruin your brain’s power. Eat these fruits liberally to help boost coordination, memory and cognitive functions. Better still, chop up some blueberries and strawberries into Greek yoghurt and give your brain a great treat!

11. Nuts

Go nuts! Almonds, walnuts, pecan nuts, brazil nuts, hazel nuts – the list is endless. They all contain fantastic fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, all of which help promote grey matter. Chop up nuts and throw them into salads, as crunchy toppings on desserts and even in stews.

12. Oily Fish

Did you know that the brain is comprised of 60% fat? Still, your brain does not like processed or Trans fat. What your brain needs is Omega-6 and Omega-3 fats which you can give it via oily fishes such as the wild Alaskan salmon, tuna and mackerel. Everything from anxiety and irritability to depression, even schizophrenia can be prevented by eating these oily fish.

13. Cucumber

Eat plenty of cucumber every day, not just to stay cool but to give your brain silica, vitamins B5, B3, C, K, biotin, folate, beta carotene, iodine, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, silica, potassium and zinc.

14. Celery

Celery has a rich mineral content which normalizes your body’s alkalic balance. Eating harmful foods or undergoing stress leaves your body in an acidic state. Celery can help reduce stress and give you a boost of vitamin C, phalides that help lower cholesterol and coumarins which prevent cancer.

15. Goji Berry

This little power-packed berry has been used in eastern countries to boost brain power for over 6000 years. It contains essential phytochemicals such as Zeaxanthin, which absorbs blue light and protects eyesight. Loaded with antioxidant properties, Goji is an immensely powerful brain food.

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