Exclusive Dating Tips for Men

All about Dating – Exclusively For Men

Dating is a subtle art, which is done by one and all. At some point of your life you may have attempted a futile effort at dating, or are at it and have found huge success. Anyways, dating is a universal phenomenon. Even if you are old enough to be a grandpa, you must be trying to woo another grandma, who like yourself is without a mate.

So for all you guys out there, here are some exclusive tips on dating just for you men.

  • You must be aware of all the ordinary rules like cleanliness, hygiene and lots of perfumes, for that first date. But after that, what are you exactly supposed to do? After the initial success comes the burden of character certification by your love interest. And that will bring out all the hidden eccentricities of modern man.
  • Now, let’s take sports for instance. Fine that you love sports and you are an avid follower of games like cricket or football. But don’t make it a religion. If you care about the relationship and want it to go longer, then don’t keep talking about sports, games and more soccer till your ladylove is sick of all sports activities in the world. Your dedicated interest in sports doesn’t mean that even she will be enthusiastic about it. The subject may be boring her to bits and she may be furiously thinking of means to escape the dreaded subject. There are lots of girls who love sports, and you may be damned lucky if you get one. But if not, then go easy on the topic and let it not be a one-sided affair.
  • Never have lecherous thoughts of sex on the first date. There is nothing like it that may put off a girl. When on a first date, sex may be the last thing on earth for a female. Well, if it’s not for you, then you are preparing your own funeral. Don’t let her see the desperation in you or she may run off within no time. There is nothing more romantic and sexier than a patient man. If you’ve got the woman of your dreams, then learn to be patient about three letter words; let the four letter words like love do its magic first.
  • Your table manners, etiquettes and chivalry are most important, when on a date. A woman likes being treated like a lady. Check your course language, the swearing bad words and the rudeness and laziness akin to a man. Let these manly features take a backseat or else go join your gang of rowdies rather than a dainty date. Have good table manners, if you are going to invite her to a five star restaurant, then be sure you know the nitty-gritty’s of eating and other things. Always open the door for a lady rather than going in first without bothering to look back. Help her with the seat in a restaurant and ask her about her favorite dishes before voicing your own.
  • Know a bit about fashion, jewelry and art. Listen to her carefully and show an interest in all the topics. Don’t become a one-man talker; this might put her off. Let her have a say and then broach the subjects of your interest. And women love to yap, they can go on for hours. Remember some of them; she will be floored by your attentiveness.
  • Learn to dance even if you are not that good at it. Dancing gives you ample physical contact and you may feel romantic and sexy. If you refuse to dance, when she is about to jump onto the dance floor, then better say goodbye to your date forever.

Hope all these tips will make you the master in dating women all over the world.