First Date Dos – All you need to know

The first date is probably one of the most important moments in a person’s love life. It creates the first impression, sometimes an impression so lasting that it can even spill over to years after, when the person have really gotten to know you. It also sets the tone for the relationship, if things do work out because it is here that we start to assume certain roles.

Besides, without a successful first date, there can be no second date and that would not bode well for your love life, now would it? So here are some of the things that you should do when you are out on a first date.

1. Do wear something nice

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It might seem so trivial but what you wear on your first date is crucial not because your date is shallow and would just want someone pretty or handsome but because they will judge you from the way you carry yourself. For instance, if you wear something simple, they will see you as the girl next door or someone who just goes with the flow. If you wear something that is too fancy, they might see you as too high maintenance. If you wear something slutty, then you might be seen as a slut.

What you wear is what you are when it comes to first dates so make sure that you wear something that will reflect your personality. That way, you will be showing to your date the person that you really are, no pretenses.

2. Be yourself but not too much

Cliché as it is, we will say it again. Just be yourself. If you get into a relationship with someone, you need to also know that the person will accept you for who you are and not for who you pretended to be.

There is a saying that people often put their best foot forward when they want to create a good impression. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, people do that all the time when they meet someone new or when introduced to someone. But this does not mean airing your dirty laundry for all the world to hear. Temper your stories and make sure that you only tell stories of things that will put you to a good light. Sensitive issues that you feel your date should know about yourself can probably wait for the second and third dates.

Do not lie though and make yourself appear to be more than who you are. This can seriously backfire if you get around to the second date and you need to tell the truth. Remember that people do not like liars and some are not as forgiving when they are being deceived.

3. Do try to appear mysterious

Mystery is everything when it comes to romance. Women love a guy that have some hidden side to them and we all know how men are addicted to the chase. So don’t kill the drama and the mystery by revealing too much about yourself. Keep your distance but don’t be a snob either.