First Senior Dating Tips

When picking the right clothes for your date, always go for your personality and what you’re comfortable with. If you like what you’re wearing, you’ll feel confident. And guys sure are impressed about girls who are secure about the way they look. But still where the date will take place counts a lot.

You can never go wrong with a classic little black dress if the date is the formal dinner type. But you can go for a more casual look if the date is the coffee or lunch day time type. Never pick your dress on the last minute. If you wish to have a trendy or current look, get ideas from fashion magazines.

The saying that less is more also applies during the first date. When it comes to your make up, put on something light to achieve a natural look. Besides, most guys want their dates to look simple and not trashy. Keep your fashion accessories to a minimum. Go for small rhodium earrings, plain necklace or simple bangles, instead of cheap-looking, jingly and chunky ones.

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Whether you prefer shoulder bags or hobo handbags, it’s better to carry one. Not only will they complete your look, but some dating necessities will go into them. Pick one that goes well with your clothes and personality. And it should be large enough to contain some must-haves while on a date.

For retouching, you should have in your bag pressed powder, lipstick or any other basic make up. Tissue serves many functions, such as blotting out facial oils, sweat and others. To keep you smelling and feeling fresh all the time, a small bottle of cologne or perfume is essential. Remember your cell phone too, in case you need your parent or friend to pick you up later.

If you read in a magazine some tips on correcting certain skin imperfections, try them at least a week before the date. Even if some beauty tips rely on natural ingredients or methods, disasters can still strike. Or even if they’re a hundred percent safe, of course you need to give them some time to work their wonders.

For example, you wish to follow the tips on an article on how to get rid of acne. If such is effective, you need to perform it days ahead for the effects to be completely evident. But should some untoward side effects take place, worry not. Your skin got plenty more days to heal itself before your first date.

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