How to Make Your Fitness Resolutions Stick

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Every year we proclaim grand New Year’s resolutions and just like clockwork, they fade from our mind in a matter of weeks or even days. It does not mean everyone is a failure; just that we generally struggle to stick with lofty resolutions. Keep your head up and spirits high though, because here are some basic tips you can use to stick to your resolution throughout all of 2019. Physical education news articles are only as useful as you can make them, so start the year off right by sticking to your first goal of the year. If you need good PE lesson plans or PE resources, check back on our site and blog for helpful tips and tools to keep you on track. Happy New Year to you and your new fitness goals.

1. S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, time-bound: SMART, Michael Hyatt): Make sure your resolution abides by all five of these words. If you only take away one tip, this is it. Stick to the five steps and you are 100 times more likely to succeed than everyone else at the party you went to on New Year’s Eve.

2. K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid): Aside from making a SMART resolution, simplicity is vital for success. It needs to be simple enough for you to manage it and take actionable steps immediately. There shouldn’t be any major thinking session to determine how to accomplish the goal.

3. Only Pick a Few Resolutions: Losing weight, quitting smoking, running a marathon, and becoming superman are all great ideas, but will set you up for failure if you are trying to conquer them all at once. Pick between 1-3 manageable goals that you realistically think can be accomplished over the next year.

4. Public Accountability: Get excited about the goal and go tell everyone you know. Start a blog so people can follow along with your progress, get your family support, or compete with your friends. Telling people about your goal will make you feel accountable to them.

5. Write It Down: Telling others is great, but make sure you remind yourself daily by writing it down. Put it on your fridge, on a poster on your wall, the bathroom mirror, or in your car. Writing it down and reminding yourself will eliminate the possibility of simply “forgetting” your resolution.

6. Buddy System: Pick a partner who is willing to pursue the same goals and work together throughout the year to hold each other accountable. The buddy system is one of the oldest tricks in the book because it actually works.

7. Revisions: Goals change overtime, but don’t let that deter you from yours. Feel free to make some small revisions, either increasing the goal or adjusting it to make it more feasible. It is better to make small changes than to give up completely.

8. Positive Goals Instead of Negative Goals: “I want to spend 4 hours per week in the gym,” is more effective than, “I want to stop being so lazy with my fitness.” Keep your resolution positive by trying to add something “good” to your life.

9. Reward Yourself: Drastic changes in life are never easy and if you are keeping on track then you deserve a reward. Pamper yourself by going out shopping, taking a vacation, or getting a massage.

10. Get Passed 30 Days: The first 30 days will be the toughest. Once you can get over the initial hump you will find a routine that works. Follow the first nine tips and 30 days will be a breeze. The other 11 months will be smooth like butter.

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