Grab An Exercise Guide – Improve Your Life, And Health, With Exercise

If you’d like to start enjoying the life changing benefits of exercise, grab yourself a workout guide and get started! Here are some great reasons for incorporating exercise into your daily life.

Exercise Is A Great Way To Lose Fat

It’s well known that exercise makes a major contribution to weight loss. Going on a diet is also important but exercise is the real deal breaker. Exercise is what determines whether you lose a few pounds slowly or a lot of pounds rapidly.

The weight gain equation is pretty simple in otherwise healthy people! For most of us, it’s caused by the consumption of excess calories over and above what we require for normal maintenance. These surplus calories are converted to fat and stored in adipose tissue around the body. Notably on the waist, hips and thighs in women and around the belly in men. The solution to losing this fat is simple – start burning more calories than what you’re eating! Either reduce your calorie intake to less than what your body requires for maintenance so it begins converting stored fat into fuel or increase your calorie burning by exercising. Bottom line – you’ll lose more body fat through a combination of attention to diet plus exercise than by diet alone.

Exercise Is A Great Disease Preventative

Exercise plays a significant role in helping to prevent several diseases, notably diabetes, heart disease, some types of cancer and strokes.

Statistics show that 4 in every 5 deaths caused by heart disease can be attributed in part to lack of exercise and stress. It’s also a fact that type 2 diabetes plays a major role in increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke. Type 2 diabetes and obesity go hand in hand. Keeping your weight under control through exercise and diet is an excellent way to avoid developing any of these diseases.

Exercise Helps Improve Or Even Prevent Some Diseases

Embarking on a regular exercise program coupled with paying attention to diet is proven to help improve or even turn around some diseases. Diabetes and heart disease are a couple of examples. Regular exercise reduces blood pressure and lowers triglyceride and LDL levels, reducing your chances of heart disease. Exercise has also been shown to reduce the risk of some types of cancers, including prostate, breast and uterine cancers.

Exercise Improves Your State Of Mind

Exercise bumps up the release of endorphins and serotonin. These ‘feel good’ chemicals help lift depression and make you feel better about yourself and about life in general! Improved serotonin levels are also associated with better sleep.

Exercise Is A Mood Changer And Increases Energy Levels

When you’re fitter and healthier, you feel better about yourself. You have more energy and your frame of mind improves. Life becomes a buzz you can’t wait to meet head on instead of a drag to try and get through each day!

Exercise Helps Improve Productivity

When you have more energy, you’re going to be more productive in general. You’ll find yourself doing more around the house and achieving new productivity goals at work! Meeting your exercise goals daily or even weekly gives you a sense of purpose and commitment. They don’t have to be huge goals – simply deciding to walk the dog daily before work for instance is great exercise and gives you something to aim for each day.

Exercise Enhances Your Social Life

When those pounds start dropping off and your body takes on a trim, well maintained look, the boost to your self-esteem can be huge. Knowing you look good helps you feel more comfortable about going out and socializing. If you’ve joined a gym, you’ll undoubtedly make new friends. There’s a whole network of support and advice out there you can tap into once you’ve taken the first few steps in the road to better health and fitness!

However, none of these benefits will begin to manifest themselves until, or unless, you make the effort to set yourself some fitness and health goals. This is where getting advice from workout guides can help you plan the best types of exercise to suit your weight loss goals.

The Camera Loves Paul Grant in Pumping Iron

The world of bodybuilding represents a relatively small niche even in the sports universe.  But that doesn’t mean that as athletes bodybuilders were not as devoted to their sport and single minded in their desire to succeed as any baseball, football or basketball player.  That dedication to excellence can be seen in the small number of bodybuilders who were able to get media exposure in the breakthrough bodybuilding film, Pumping […]

The Camera Loves Paul Grant in Pumping Iron

Mike Mentzer - The Philosopher Muscle Man of Pumping Iron

Mike Mentzer – The Philosopher Muscle Man of Pumping Iron

The movie Pumping Iron put on display the finest of the sport of bodybuilding.  When you watch those phenomenal athletes on the screen, they seem to blend together.  But each athlete who reached that final plateau of bodybuilding to compete to be Mr. Universe was and is a very unique individual with a story to tell. Pumping Iron introduced us to the very recognizable bodybuilders who went on to become […]

Mike Katz – A Pumping Iron Star with a Big Chest and a Big Heart

The movie Pumping Iron made the careers of a number of body builders.  The most notable household names that became huge stars from the Pumping Iron movie are the previous governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the man who went on be become the name we most associate with The Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno. Next to Ferrigno, probably the one body builder who was well known for having the biggest chest in this field […]

Mike Katz - A Pumping Iron Star with a Big Chest and a Big Heart

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The movie, Pumping Iron brought the sport of bodybuilding into the public eye for the first time. But perhaps the one personality that we most associate with Pumping Iron is the man who went on to international success in acting and politics as well. That Pumping Iron star was Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career had spanned several decades and many fields, including the worlds of bodybuilding, films, and politics. Born […]

Pumping Iron – The Film that Launched a National Bodybuilding Craze

In 1975, the first multi-racial sporting event ever held in South Africa, the Mr. Olympia contest, was filmed by photographer and documentary filmmaker George Butler.  That movie was Pumping Iron.  In that over a century of Apartheid was beginning to weaken, the event held historic significance. Pumping Iron was an independent film that was made and eventually released to an international audience.  Pumping Iron created a following for bodybuilding as […]

Pumping Iron - The Film that Launched a National Bodybuilding Craze

Lou Ferrigno - How Pumping Iron Gave Birth to the Incredible Hulk

Lou Ferrigno – How Pumping Iron Gave Birth to the Incredible Hulk

The name Lou Ferrigno had never been heard by most people outside the bodybuilding world until the movie Pumping Iron was released and became a surprise success in 1977.  The documentary tells the story of a group of bodybuilding competitors preparing for the 1975 Mr. Olympia competition. Lou was at that time working in obscurity as a steel worker, training under his father’s tutelage in a small downtown gym.  In contrast to the ego and flash […]

Ken Waller – The Charming Villain of Pumping Iron

The movie, Pumping Iron is a documentary about bodybuilding that erupted a huge national interest in the sport.  The dozen or so “stars” of the movie were in actually the best of the best of the bodybuilding sport of that time. Obviously, certain names such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno are always associated with Pumping Iron because these are the bodybuilders who went on to fame and fortune in the movie business.  But among the other bodybuilders, […]

Ken Waller - The Charming Villain of Pumping Iron

Danny Padilla - The "Little" Bodybuilder Who Just Wanted to Win

Danny Padilla – The “Little” Bodybuilder Who Just Wanted to Win

The sport of bodybuilding is a tall man’s game.  But there is one minor character in the breakthrough bodybuilding movie Pumping Iron that deserved a better role than he got in the film and in that competition.  That bodybuilder’s name is Danny Padilla.  Danny stood out among the other competitors in the Mr. Universe competition that was the backdrop for Pumping Iron partly because was an American boy from Rochester, New York competing with bodybuilders from all […]

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1.     Perform Your Drop Sets Once muscle fatigue begins to set in, continue with the exercise but utilize lower weights. The aim is to achieve muscle failure, so, during the rest period, there will be a requirement for maximum repair, which in turn of course will provide for maximum results. This is a great option when trying to break through a plateau, and thus answering the question as to how […]

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Healthy Ways to Gain Weight for Women

There are many healthy ways to gain weight for women. It is hard to find the right information when just about everyone out there is only talking about how women can lose weight. Most of the people talking about gaining weight only give advice for men who want to build muscle! The truth is that if women follow the right formula they can gain the weight in the areas they […]