Free Beach Dating Tips for Singles

Summer is a time for visiting beaches and enjoying the company of sun-creamed beauties while trying to impress these beach babes.


Forget about the Speedos while you are at the beach as this might put off all the girls present over the beach. Hence, Speedo thongs must be left at home for surrounding your packed-lunch with a mysterious aura which will provide the girls with a lot of imagination possibilities. You can wear them again while swimming. Put on a stylish pair of surf shorts and allow the beach breeze to flab them. For this very reason, the style quotient of surf duded is considered high. Prefer losing any kind of sun block which is colored from being present across your cheek bones as this looks idiotic.


Prefer putting on sunglasses of some really cool shades which are devoid of neon lenses which are red in color having effects such as the fractal mirror ones for preventing yourself from looking like a loser in the eyes of girls. Hence, these fly-like shades should be avoided. Explore a surf shop or mall for finding some really cool shades.


Dressing properly and being confident, subtle and in good shape are the primary requirements for impressing beach babes. Other than this, there are certain other materials which can be brought to beaches for helping you in impressing beach babes. These are:

  • You can bring cold drinks and beers which can be offered as refreshment to the girls. This helps in opening up the conversation with them.
  • Bring a ball for playing beach football or volleyball or other entertaining games with the girls.
  • Even if you have a hairless back which is tanned, you will require someone for rubbing some cream in. Carry a sun cream with you and carefully use the age old formula of requesting a girl to assist you with rubbing oil over your back.
  • Buy a couple of boogie boards from the beach stalls. These foam-fantastics can be used for belly surfing. You can impress the lovely ladies with your collection, if you have one or else you can consider inviting them to join you. Girls, usually don’t get offered with such opportunities. Hence, you must initiate. Now.
  • Carrying a radio or CD player can be good as well as bad. It can be used for entertaining the ladies but don’t think about entering into wars of music with other music boxes present around you. Also, try not to force your tastes in music on others present over there. Never lay about alongside your music box, as you might risk being a single forever.
  • Carry some beach towels for lying on them for the purpose of building a base camp. Don’t carry towels which contain images of scantily clad or naked blondes. You mates might love them, but the beach girls will consider you an idiot.

Don’t carry a lounger or deck chair with you while going to the beach. You should prefer playing sports, swimming and chatting with girls instead of simply sitting. Avoid using mirror shades or video cameras as the beach girls might consider you a pervert as well as a spoilt voyeur.

Think about including the girls in whatever activity you will be pursuing as everyone loves being included. Just because of her appearance like a bikini goddess or a mermaid, don’t form an impression that she won’t be interested in activities such as sports and others. Always consider offering her an invitation to join your ball game or let her use the surf board which you possess. She can say no if she wants.

Whatever you do, be stylish!

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Steve Douglas

Steve Douglas

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