How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

How To Get A Girl To Like You Again?

Don’t you feel it is amazing, if a girl you have a crush on, likes you back? Later on, most of the times guys take the love of their life for granted and as a result they lose the girl. Trying to get a girl to like you again in your life is as tough as taking back an insult you have slung or save a dinner you have already burnt. There are some steps which will tell you about how to get a girl to like you again. Firstly, I would like to discuss a real example from my friends life. It will be helpful to you for understanding the importance of a girl, in your life.

The story goes like this- He used to like this girl a lot and was crazy about her. They were together in the college. First, they became friends with each other and after some time they started dating. The girl was very much serious about him, but after getting that girl, he started taking her for granted and started caring for her less than earlier. They used to break up so many times, but also patch up soon because there was something that was holding that girl. One day, the girl finally decided to get apart. The guy thought it was a usual breakup and he did not take it seriously. But the girl was serious this time. He tried calling her, texting her, but she did not reply and did not even try to meet him. After some time, he realized that he is missing the most important part of his life. He also realized that firstly he was chasing her, but when he got the love of his life, he started ignoring her. He felt bad and ashamed. In other words, he literally became depressed.

Then one fine day, he met her through a mutual friend. He said sorry to her and stopped making the mistakes he used to make that made him lost her. It took a lot of time for him to get the things back in place. He realized one thing that keeping her back is more important than getting her back. Since that time, they are together and living a successful married life till now.

True Pheromones

This proves that if your likeness or love is real you will surely get her back, but you have lost her. So you should try to prove your likeness or love for her again.

So, it is not impossible to get your girl back, but you have to put in some efforts to do so. Like:

  • What Went Wrong:

In the first place, you should understand what went wrong between the two of you. Most of the times, it happens that too much love can suffocate someone or even too much ignorance can detach someone from you. So, try to make it a balance. Try to fix every situation face to face and understand her point.

  • Give Her Space:

It is one of the most important parts in a relationship. It is a sad thing and I know it sucks that she has chosen to break up with you. It may happen that she does not value you or even respect you anymore. Do not get disheartened because if it is not your mistake, this phase may last only for some time. Give some space to her and let her realize your importance in her life. If she really cares for you and loves you, she will come back.

  • Impress Her:

The main thumb rule, for getting her back, is that you should not behave like a depressed or heartbroken person in front of her. She will surely not feel sorry for you, but, on the other hand, she might think that you are weak. Try to enjoy your life and have fun. You will secretly make her want you again and she will try to grab your attention.

  • Make Her Feel Special:

She knows you like her and she likes you too, but do not miss a chance to make her feel special. This makes your bond stronger and helps you in getting her back. If you do not show your love to her, she might think that you are not interested in her any more.

  • Make Her Miss You:

Even though you like spending time with her, avoid her company. Excuse yourself and leave the conversation, even though you are having a great conversation. Do not repeat it often, but in a balanced way. It will make her want you and miss you even more. If she is not talking to you because it is your mistake, make her understand the reason for your mistake and prove to her that you miss her.

  • Jealousy:

It is the key trick for every relationship. It is that weapon which never fails. Try to use this trick with your girl to get her back. Make sure you do not make it obvious. Talk to other girls in front of her and if possible, try to flirt with them in a healthy manner. This will surely make her annoyed and she will want to talk to you. The more you will ignore her and make her jealous, the more are the chances of getting her back in your life. Be cautious while you are doing so, because over flirting can develop more distances between the two of you, instead of smoothing everything.

  • Is She Giving You Hints:

Based on your previous steps or moves she might start giving you hints and seem to start showing interest in you again. Make a note of her hints and try to figure out the things. Try to notice her behavior towards you. If there is any change in it, then you are almost near to get your girl back.

  • Ask Her Out Again:

If you have tried everything and you are getting positive reactions from her, it is high time to ask her out again. Try to find a happy time or some alone place and cross your fingers, as you are finally going to give your last shot. Do not make it complicated or awkward, try to ask her casually if she would like to spend some time with you after her work or college.

If you will try these points in a serious manner, there are chances that she would desire you again in her life. It is not that easy and can be risky too, but will surely give you an idea of how to get a girl to like you again? So, do not be afraid and chase your love.