Hardtail or Full Suspension?

Hardtail or Full Suspension?

The traditional rigid mountain bikes that were used during the early 1980s are still available but innovative models of high-end mountain bikes with hardtail or full suspension have become very popular as they provide a better riding experience.


The hardtail bikes only provide front wheel suspension known as the lefty on Cannondale models. The front-wheel  suspension is used to improve maneuvering control and reduce exertion of your hands during the ride through rough terrain. The coiled springs of steel are used in normal suspension forks, but you can also choose improved models with lighter and adjustable hydraulic suspension forks.

Hardtail bikes offer the best choice in case you are looking for cost-effective and versatile mountain bikes that can be used for almost any riding requirements. The hardtail bikes can be used effectively for improving your riding performance.

Full Suspension

Full-suspension bikes include shock absorbers for both wheels. In fact, full-suspension bikes are modified versions of hardtail bikes that use pivoting frame to incorporate rear shock absorber attached to the rear wheels. The components added for full suspension increase the weight and cost of the bike but provide a very comfortable riding experience. Full suspensions improve the control of bike on rough terrains, supporting maximum possible speed.

Full-suspension bikes are ideal if you are suffering from injury or back pain, need smooth riding experience, want better control and speed on rough terrains, enjoy the thrills of dirt trail riding or riding is part of your daily schedule to justify its higher cost.