9 Alternative Methods of Contraception
Intra-Uterine Device (IUD) The two main types are bio-active and unmedicated IUD’s, both offering immediate protection once inserted and no delay in fertility on it’s removal. The bio-active or medicated IUD, is very similar in comparison to the unmedicated type, although it differs in having a copper wire coiled around […]

Don’t like “The Pill”? – Check 9 Alternative Methods of ...

How To Reduce Blood Pressure
People find it difficult when they can’t find ways how to reduce blood pressure. It is a very common disease among individuals of all age groups. It is known to be a silent killer. If you are diagnosed with it, you have to bring down the pressure and for that […]

How To Reduce Blood Pressure

Diastolic Hypertension
Diastolic hypertension is also called isolated diastolic hypertension or IHD. Some healthcare professionals feel more comfortable removing the isolated prefix because they fear it will minimize HDI and its impact on health. Although the earliest isolated systolic blood pressure (ISH) is clinically recognized as a subgroup of hypertension, this is […]

Diastolic Hypertension

Anxiety and High Blood Pressure
In this article we investigate the relationship between anxiety and hypertension drugs. The fear and association of hypertension is a concern for the general public and, as you will see, also in the world of medical hypertension. Suffice it to say that if you’re worried, this probably isn’t the best […]

Anxiety and High Blood Pressure

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High school and college sex education textbooks stress about the consequences of HIV, herpes, and gonorrhea for example but rarely do they talk about the human papilloma virus (HPV). This comes to a shock, considering that HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in America. In fact, […]

College Students and HPV: Should You be Concerned?

Chlamydia Transmission- The Major Chlamydia Causes And Risk Factors
Chlamydia Transmission: Chlamydia is a bacterial infection that is transmitted through sexual activity. It is observed to be the most prevalent sexually transmitted disease in the United States. An estimated 5 percent of the adult population are affected by the disease. Moreover, an estimated 10 percent of sexually active adolescent […]

Chlamydia Transmission – The Major Chlamydia Causes And Risk Factors

What is Chlamydia General Information On Chlamydia
Chlamydia is a widespread sexually transmitted disease that is triggered by the bacterium known as Chlamydia trachomatis. This bacterium can negatively affect a female’s reproductive organs. Although the symptoms of chlamydia are often mild or don’t show up at all, they can progress to more severe complications if left untreated. […]

What is Chlamydia? General Information On Chlamydia

Chlamydia Psittaci – A Lethal Intracellular Bacterial Species
The background of Chlamydia psittaci: In 1879 seven people in Switzerland developed pneumonia after exposure to tropical birds. The cause was not known at the time. In 1907, a similar bacterial species, Chlamydia trachomatis, came to light. It was at first considered a virus. During the winter of 1929 and […]

Chlamydia Psittaci – A Lethal Intracellular Bacterial Species

Chlamydia Symptoms Should Be Treated - Chlamydia Symptoms in Men
The world in which we live is beautiful- we experience love, friendship; we learn to care about each other and share things. But it is this part of the beauties of life that can harm us irremediably. We can be hurt by the things we love, without even knowing it. […]

Chlamydia Symptoms Should Be Treated

Chlamydia Symptoms Can Get Worse - Chlamydia Symptoms in Men
Many people tend to neglect their intimate genital diseases because they say that it is embarrassing to admit it. Why do they think this way? Well, … motives we can find. Some say that genital diseases occur due to the lack of hygiene. If they admit having a hygiene problem, […]

Men with genital diseases like Chlamydia can loose their fertility ...

Signs of Chlamydia - Chlamydia Rates By State
Signs of Chlamydia? Many women face pain during sexual intercourse. They usually blame the man for it and they start being more and more dissatisfied with their partner and their life. Men do the same thing. They also feel pain during sexual intercourse. Life loses its beauty. The couple tends […]

Signs of Chlamydia – Chlamydia Symptoms Can Harm Your Life

The Pathology of Chlamydia - The Genome Structure of Chlamydia
The Pathology of Chlamydia: Chlamydia is a bacterium. For decades it is plaguing human kind. It is the leading cause of blindness among people all over the world. It is also the leading sexual transmitted disease in the world. Four different species of Chlamydia and their methods of infections have […]

The Pathology of Chlamydia – The Genome Structure of Chlamydia