Blood Pressure

If You Don’t Currently Have High Blood Pressure (Hypertension), It Is Very Likely That You Will In The Future.

One in three adults have high blood pressure, which is above 139 / 89 (having either one or both numbers elevated is classed as high blood pressure).

Two thirds of people over 45 years old have blood pressure that is above 120 / 80, and so are either pre-hypertensive and on their way to high blood pressure, or already have high blood pressure.

Educate yourself about

  • Consequences of high blood pressure, including heart, eye and kidney problems
  • What you can do about high blood pressure. Lower blood pressure can be achieved by stress reduction, lifestyle changes and medication
  • Why home monitoring of blood pressure is a very good idea
  • Risk factors for high blood pressure, which range from smoking, high salt diet and stress to factors that cannot be changed such as age and heredity.
  • How stress raises blood pressure, and how chronic stress can long lasting effects on blood pressure.

and more

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Diastolic Hypertension
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Anxiety and High Blood Pressure
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