Chlamydia Infection - The Nature Of Chlamydia Infection
The Nature Of A Chlamydia Infection Chlamydia, which is a sexually transmitted infection, is also known as a “silent” disease. It can infect both men and women and is passed on through sexual activity, whether it is vaginal, oral or anal sex. A Chlamydia infection is commonly found in young […]

Chlamydia Infection – The Nature Of Chlamydia Infection

Chlamydia Pneumoniae - A Species of Chlamydophila
Chlamydia pneumoniae is a species of bacteria that causes chlamydia, which affects humans and is a main trigger of pneumonia. Chlamydia pneumoniae has an intricate life cycle and can only thrive if it infects another cell. In this case, it is considered an “obligate intracellular pathogen.” Moreover, it has been […]

Chlamydia Pneumoniae – A Species of Chlamydophila

Thyroid Resources
American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) is a professional medical organization devoted to the enhancement of the practice of clinical endocrinology including the care of thyroid diseases. The American Thyroid Association The mission of the American Thyroid Association is to promote scientific and public […]

Thyroid Resources

Thyroid Disorders Slide Show
  Slide Transcript 1. Thyroid Disorders Slide Show Tapan A. Patel Cuong; Nguyen Mona Jamaldinian 2. Thyroid Gland Second largest endocrine gland in body Small butterfly shaped gland located at base of neck below the sternocleidomastoid muscles Thyroid is controlled by the hypothalmus and pituitary 3. Functions Stimulates & maintains […]

Thyroid Disorders Slide Show

Low Thyroxine Levels
What Is Thyroxine? Thyroxine is the major hormone that the thyroid gland secretes into the bloodstream. Thyroxine and other thyroid hormones play a crucial role in regulating the body’s metabolic rate which controls growth and development. What Are The Normal Body Thyroxine Levels? The level of TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) in […]

What You Should Know About Low Thyroxine Levels

Thyroid Hair Loss - Thyroid Guide - Thyroid Supplements
A question we’re often asked is – does thyroid disease and hair loss always happen together? One of the more psychologically unpleasant and frustrating side effects that can occur with either hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism is hair loss. There is no way to predict which patients will experience hair loss and […]

Do Thyroid Disease And Hair Loss Always Go Together?

Common Symptoms of Hypothyroidism in Women
Symptoms of hypothyroidism in women are almost the same as those of men but are more associated with women given that hypothyroidism is said to be eight times more prevalent in them.  Hypothyroidism is a medical condition that happens when not enough thyroid hormones are produced by the thyroid gland. […]

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism in Women   Recently updated !

George Bush and Graves' Disease
Although George Bush, the forty-first President of the United States, was the fifth oldest president to hold that office, he was considered by many to be one of the most physically fit presidents in American history. Therefore, it was all the more shocking when, at the age of 66, President […]

George Bush and Graves’ Disease

Congenital Hypothyroidism
Archived Article – The Thyroid Society (1998 – 2003) The following is an article on congenital hypothyroidism, written by Dr. John Dallas, a member of The Thyroid Society’s Medical Advisory Board. The Medical Advisory Board helps develop educational materials; contributes to our newsletter, The Thyroid Connection; evaluates research proposals; and […]

Congenital Hypothyroidism

The Role of Nuclear Medicine In Thyroid Disease
Archived Article – The Thyroid Society (1998 – 2003) Warren H. Moore, M.D., FACP, FACC, FACNM: Dr. Moore received his medical training at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, and Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and is certified by […]

The Role of Nuclear Medicine In Thyroid Disease

Thyroid Eye Disease
Archived Article – The Thyroid Society (1998 – 2003) Dr. Patrinely is an Associate Professor in Baylor College of Medicine’s Departments of Ophthalmology and of Plastic Surgery in Houston, Texas. He is an internationally known expert in ophthalmic plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Patrinely makes presentations throughout the world. […]

Thyroid Eye Disease