Honey Uses
Honey Uses include but are not limited to: Great ways to clear up bacterial skin infections. We eat honey and honey eats them so we don’t have to suffer. Honey Uses: For Great Dental Care and Mouth Ulcers. Rinse your teeth, mouth and dentures with a solution of 1 part […]

Honey Uses – Dental, Hair & Skin Care & More

Health Benefits of Garlic with Honey
Health benefits of garlic produce great garlic cures! Mix garlic with honey and you will begin an adventure into a superb health journey which includes the striking uses of garlic for lowering cholesterol. Don’t even give smelly breath a second thought when it comes to the point of lowering cholesterol, […]

Health Benefits of Garlic with Honey – The Honey Compendium

Buckwheat Honey
The Benefits of Buckwheat Honey Buckwheat honey is another of those superb honey varieties we know as an Artisanal Honey and it’s a great healing honey. A lot of research has been conducted into this type of honey. Let’s take a look at it. Buckwheat is a plant pollinated by […]

Buckwheat Honey – The Honey Compendium

Health benefits of ginger have been widely regarded for centuries as a natural remedy for a variety of ailments. Let’s include those uses of ginger and make them extra special by spicing them up with a bit of honey. Ginger is a peculiarly shaped plant which has a knobbly shaped […]

The Health Benefits of Ginger and Honey – The Honey ...

Jarrah Honey
Jarrah Honey is an Amazing Organic Honey Jarrah Honey, strange name. If like me you enjoy a taste of honey that is packed full of antioxidants this organic honey is one of the best. Just one spoonful of this superb honey is equal to one of the five a day fruits […]

Jarrah Honey – The Honey Compendium

Benefits of Honey
Benefits of Honey Help us All to Heal Naturally Thank goodness there is a revival in the popularity of this completely natural and totally mysterious substance. Uses of honey are actually quite endless, there is no other substance you can do so much with. Health benefits of honey have been […]

Benefits of Honey – The Honey Compendium

Ulmo Honey
Ulmo Honey – a Very Pure and Special Type of Honey Ulmo honey from Chile is one of those rare types of honey discoveries. There are many kinds of honey for sale, not all of them good unfortunately. It usually depends on the nectar collected by the honey bees. Ulmo honey is […]

Ulmo Honey – The Honey Compendium

Medicinal Honey
A Naturally Produced Miracle Medicinal Honey Medicinal honey is finally receiving the press it deserves with many reports in the media quoting top medical researchers. Although it has been used effectively for centuries as a healing agent it became unfashionable with the introduction of today’s chemical based antibiotics which are […]

Medicinal Honey – The Honey Compendium

Plant Pollination - Honey
An article designed to bring you the important reasons why we rely so heavily on plant pollination particular honey bee pollination and the consequences we would all experience if this natural phenomenon were to cease! Plant pollination is characterized as male pollen being moved to the female, or stigma, part […]

Plant Pollination – The Honey Compendium

Benefits of Royal Jelly
Benefits of royal jelly are said to be numerous and have been widely acclaimed for centuries as a food supplement fit for a Queen. However, this royal food source is actually a secretion that comes from glands located in the top of a nurse bee’s head. It is the nurse […]

Benefits of Royal Jelly – The Honey Compendium

What is Organic Honey
Organic Honey … So many people are confused as to exactly what it is. What honey varieties are there? How and where it was it produced and how can you tell if it’s the real thing? I will help you to solve the answer, I was once totally ignorant to […]

What is Organic Honey – The Honey Compendium

Medihoney is a brand named very special honey derived from the pollen and nectar of Manuka honey which comes from New Zealand. Medicinal honey is really getting a name for itself now. Its contents are very much based on Manuka honey; everyone who understands the medicinal benefits of honey knows […]

Does Medihoney Cure Cancer? – The Honey Compendium