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Helpful Tips for Keeping Romantic Relationships Alive

Romantic relationships make up the fabric of who people are. For some, they can be a source of comfort and support through good times and bad. They can be inspiring, motivating forces that help people evolve and grow.

Ultimately, they can be a gateway to great happiness. However, this does not mean that relationships do not have their growing pains.

If a relationship is not working for all parties involved, it does not mean that it is time to break up. Sometimes, all a relationship needs is a few adjustments.

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Below are a few tips for keeping a relationship alive. They cover both preventative measures that can be taken before any trouble arises as well as suggestions for how to deal when problems arise.

Keeping the lines of communication open

This first tip is one of the keys to keeping relationships alive and well. Too many couples keep their feelings and comments to themselves when it comes to things that bother them about the other person or the relationship. This silence only leads to a building up of resentment. If something is bothering one person, they should be honest with their partner(s) and say it out loud, as difficult as it may be.

One common misconception about communicating openly is that it is a strategy reserved for dealing with problems. However, communicating about what is working well is just as important! By getting into the habit of talking about their feelings, couples can highlight the good along with the bad. Overall, more communicating can add to more loving, honest relationships.

Making comparisons is futile

A common mistake couples often make is comparing themselves to other couples they know. What works for some couples could be just another recipe for failure for others. The fact is, there is no magical formula for the perfect relationship. There is only communication, respect and a commitment to try to make things work.

Changing up the rules

Sometimes relationships can start to feel stale and lose their excitement. A great way to keep things interesting is to be brave and try new things. That could range from agreeing that it is okay to flirt with strangers in public to opening up the relationship. It could be as simple as agreeing to go out to dinner at least once per week. The possibilities are endless and the upside is limitless!

Taking time and space to regroup

A great way to keep relationships alive is to let them breathe. Many people end up spending most or all of their time with their partner(s) and seeing friends a lot less without even realizing. Taking some time away from the relationship in the form of limited contact from all parties involved does two things: it helps people remember who they are independent of the relationship and it gives them an opportunity to miss that relationship. People often communicate better and with a more optimistic attitude after they have had a chance to step back from the situation.

Healthy, loving relationships are obtainable and capable of lasting if the parties involved are willing to put the work in and actively keep it alive. Circumstances can change and throw people for a loop but what counts the most is how those changes are handled. Keeping a relationship alive is a matter of how well people adapt to change and communicate with their partners through tough times and the easy ones.

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