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High Blood Pressure – Signs, Treatment & Monitoring

What IS Considered High Blood Pressure

When our hearts are beating, what they are actually doing is pushing blood through the body’s arteries which flow the blood into smaller tubes that eventually lead to different parts of our body. The artery walls, however, push back against the force of the heart beating causing blood to push forward even more which ultimately contributes to one’s overall blood pressure.

Sometimes this blood pressure can become quite high (aka high blood pressure or hypertension) and oftentimes flow at rather dangerous levels. Here we will discuss what it is.

There are about five main types of high blood pressure conditions and these include whitecoat, pseudo, malignant, pulmonary and resistant hypertension. Each of these range from simply showing up at the doctor’s office only (whitecoat) to resistant hypertension which, in essence, does not respond to attempts to lower blood pressure.

When checking for blood pressure, your doctor or medical professional will normally take your blood pressure by measuring your systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

The latter, diastolic blood pressure, is normally much lower than that of systolic blood pressure as this is the heart in its relaxed or releasing state of activity as the heart beats.

Systolic blood pressure is the opposite whereas it is contracting and pushing the blood flow outward through the body.

As you may have already seen on those automatic blood pressure monitoring machines at eh grocery store or drug store, the normal diastolic measurement is around 80 or below and systolic is around 120 or below.

If you are not aware of these numbers and feel as though you may be at risk, then it is indeed recommended that you visit your medical professional in order to monitor for blood pressure immediately.

High blood pressure has been known to contribute to the cause of many different types of physiological issues such as heart attack, kidney problems, stroke and more.

Some of the factors which could be part of the reason an individual may have elevated blood pressure include smoking habits, age, gender, genetics, lack of exercise, ethnicity, diet, as well as any existing diseases or conditions one may already have.

All these factors can weigh in on one’s susceptibility of experiencing high blood pressure and, again, it is important to speak with your doctor if you would like to see for yourself what is considered high blood pressure for your body in consideration of all the factors which may apply to you.

High Blood Pressure - Signs Treatment & MonitoringWhen considering age, an individual can experience increased risk of high blood pressure after the age of 50. While this may not affect everyone, studies have shown that men have a considerably greater risk of high blood pressure that that of women especially if an individual already contributes to smoking, no exercise, has family members who are experiencing it or already have existing issues that could be contributing factors to the high blood pressure.

It is also important to consider that many medications can cause high blood pressure and it is important to speak with your medical professional in order to see if this could affect you.

One thing is for sure, it is indeed important to consider a high blood pressure diet in order to help your body stay strong and reduce the risk of hypertension.

We have lots of information on the topic of high blood pressure and high blood pressure diets in order to help guide individuals along the path of good blood pressure measurements.

However, almost nothing is better than that of a visit to your physician or medical professional in order to get information from a most trusted medical resource.

High Blood Pressure Signs

What are some of the telltale signs of high blood pressure? The truth is that there really are no surefire symptoms of hypertension. In most cases, high blood pressure signs are simply the individual discovering they have hypertension during a visit to their doctor or other medical professional who administers a blood pressure test. Even though there are no true high blood pressure signs, it is important to know whether or not you are indeed at risk.

Many of the more common high blood pressure signs include those associated with heart problems or other conditions.

Some of the high blood pressure signs include tiredness, being dizzy, upset stomach or nausea, states of euphoria or confusion as well as less ability to perform more strenuous activity and more.

It is very important to have your blood pressure checked regularly. Even if you just check your blood pressure at home with a high blood pressure kit or monitor, it is important to keep an eye out for high blood pressure signs or those of bigger issues possibly caused by high blood pressure.

If one does experience hypertension signs, it is important to contact their doctor or medical professional immediately in order to find out what exactly the seemingly high blood pressure signs actually mean.

High blood pressure (hypertension) can be rather silent for many years and undetected if one does not check their blood pressure regularly.

It is important to gauge the high blood pressure signs through systolic and diastolic measurements and more. These types of blood pressure numbers can even be acquired through the blood pressure monitoring machines at the drug stores or grocery stores. We do recommend getting these numbers for hyper tension from a medical professional who can administer a more precise analysis on your blood pressure and risk of high blood pressure symptoms.

Again, it is important to realize that many people do not even know that they have high blood pressure hypertension until it has become too late. If overlooked, high blood pressure can cause many major problems such as heart attack, stroke, kidney failure as well as other conditions which actually contribute to the “symptoms of high blood pressure” which are, unfortunately found too late in the detection process of finding high blood pressure.

So keep blood pressure monitored regularly and help avoid costly issues that may have been able to have been avoided if high blood pressure monitoring had been administered earlier.

In the case that symptoms of high blood pressure are just being noticed as higher than usual blood pressure and diastolic/systolic analysis then it is important to know that there are many treatments available for high blood pressure.

It could quite possibly be considered a blessing to many who catch the high blood pressure and have the hypertension treatment administered, such as a diet for high blood pressure or more exercise. These are important to consider if you find signs of hypertension before any heavier damage can be done to the body as a result of higher blood pressure readings.

High Blood Pressure Treatment

More Effective Treatment – Why Natural Treatment Can Help You Cure High Blood Pressure.

In the 21st century, the two quickest rising epidemics are diabetes and high blood pressure or hypertension. In fact most of the times, they affect the person all together. The high blood pressure is a certain condition where the blood that circulates through the arteries comes with too much force. So, when someone is suffering from hypertension, it requires strength for the heart to pump the blood towards the arteries. Since there are many people who are affected with this epidemic, there are many forms of high blood pressure treatment too. The natural high blood pressure treatment is safe and more effective for your health. Rather than choosing the prescription drugs, the natural treatment can help people cure the high blood pressure and its root cause. One example of this said natural treatment is the garlic.

It has ever since an effective home remedy. It is popular to lower the blood pressure as supported with the clinical research. The kind of garlic that helps to thin the blood is the fresh garlic. It also prevents the blood clot. This means that is function is not just to lower the cholesterol level but the blood pressure as well. You should also take a good amount of potassium because it helps to lower the blood pressure. It may be obtained by taking two bananas in a day as it is recommendable to help you fight against blood pressure. Another that is included in your high blood pressure treatment is to check out for supplements that help to lower the blood pressure. If you feel the symptoms of headache which is most common upon awakening, blurred vision, dizziness, facial redness, nosebleeds, fatigue, and heart attack, these are the symptoms of hypertension.

The blood pressure is already elevated above the normal 240/120 mmHg. It is a part of the high blood pressure treatment that the person will maintain a stress free environment. As much as possible, you need to follow the natural ways. Even the doctors recognized the safety and effectiveness of garlic supplements. It is therefore worth trying for this adjuvant therapy. By taking this natural home treatment, it will help to reduce the risk of heart disease. Along with it, do not forget the importance of taking daily aerobic or gentle exercises, managing stress and avoiding caffeine so that you will lead a healthy life. It is always better to opt the natural ways rather than just taking prescription drugs.

High Blood Pressure Diet

Blood Pressure Diet Plan: The DASH Diet Plan Just For You.

People with conditions would naturally find it difficult to recover from a disease for they do not value the importance of food in their health. Normally, they forget how important it is to keep their body supplemented with the right nutrients as well as minerals. Due to this, they tend to make mistakes when it comes to recuperating from their condition. Moreover, they normally find it hard to maintain the treatment for the support coming from their body is too weak, which lets the deficiency of nutrients take over their body. You should remember that foods would always play a part in your health.

If you would let yourself starve or maintain an unhealthy diet, it is very possible for you to become weak and experience worse conditions, which could be caused by your current condition. One of the most common conditions you should always take note of is high blood pressure. You should remember that high blood pressure could cause a lot of recurring physical problems without exceptions to age. If you would let your body weaken due to hypertension, expect worse, such as stroke or heart attack and failure. If you are in the current state of hypertension, there is nothing better than maintaining a healthy diet.

There are too many diet plans for your health. But of course, what you need is the right one. This article would relatively give you the advice to use the DASH high blood pressure diet plan. This is relatively considered to be the best diet you could get and the healthiest high blood pressure diet plan, which could also be applicable for diabetes. Moreover, it has been advised by experts and specialists since it could provide healthy food groups, which contribute very well to your health. There are relatively different advantages associated with this DASH high blood pressure diet plan, one of which is weight loss. You should remember that as you gain weight, you would increase the risks of hypertension in your body.

The DASH diet plan would typically improve your health by lessening the risk of gaining weight. You could also use the diet plan to lose weight if it is your only remaining option. The diet would lower blood pressure and would normally provide you complete nutrients and minerals coming from fruits, vegetables, and foods with lean protein. You would no longer suffer from other diet plans for losing weight that would leave you unfulfilled and unsatisfied. Actually, you could still use the diet plan even if you are in the process of maintaining your good health already.

The diet plan is fully recommendable. You could also advise the diet plan with your family since there would be different portions of foods according to differences in BMI (Body Mass Index). Second, this high blood pressure diet plan would be applicable for all hypertension patients since it could lower blood pressure as supported and approved by National Institutes of Health.

The foods and recipes associated with the diet plan would relatively be low in sodium, which is particularly relevant in your health. Moreover, this would provide you a perfect supply of whole grains, low fat and non fat dairy foods, as well as a perfect fruits and veggie diet. The moderation would be proposed in this diet plan, which would include perfect variations in terms of potassium, magnesium, as well as calcium. This diet would relatively provide you assurance of lowering blood pressure in just 2 weeks. This would be helpful if you are having a hard time to control the tension of the condition.

Moreover, the high blood pressure diet plan has been proven to offer people the best way to sustain and maintain their diet. Most of the time, people with hypertension would find it easy to support their medication. The meal plans included in the diet would help people gradually adjust their calorie intake and carry on their weight loss. The diet plan would also include the foods you need to stock as well as the right choices for every meal time of the day.

Furthermore, expect that the exercise routines you could add would also be given emphasis on the diet plan, which would help in your lifestyle alterations. There are relatively different tips you need to remember if you want to maintain this DASH diet plan. First, you need to practice purchasing salad bars in groceries rather than buying separate sets of fresh veggies. You should remember that the salad bars would relatively provide you better balance and right proportions of minerals and nutrients you could get from the veggies.

On the other hand, you should always dose yourself up with vegetables by doubling up your supply of those veggies. Moreover, you could also satisfy your sweet cravings by adding berries to your cereal, which would be very preferable for your health. There are more advices you could trust when it comes to maintaining the right High blood pressure diet. But of course, aside from the changes and the right foods you should eat, there would also set of foods you need to avoid.

One of the common foods you should refrain from eating is fast food. We often resort to eating in fast food restaurants, especially in times of busy schedules. But you should not practice this anymore for the effect of the fats, both saturated and trans, is specifically devastating that it could heighten the levels of your blood pressure drastically. Moreover, you should avoid salty foods in your High blood pressure diet. Lessen the sodium intake in your diet, for these foods could increase your blood pressure.

You must prevent foods such as snacks, pretzels, chips, canned soups, as well as other condiments. Furthermore, if you want to lose more fats in your High blood pressure diet, which is primarily causing hypertension, you could avoid cookies, baked foods, skin of poultry, and fried foods among others.

Herbal Remedies for Blood Pressure

Remember, drug companies are in it for themselves to make profit. They typically even sponsor their own clinical trials which give them the upper hand in approving drugs that should require more studies. Doctors are only given a morsel of information on each new drug. Is it REALLY safe? Well, if there are no long-term side effects from taking blood pressure medication, there could be effects while under the influence. Such side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, vomiting, headache, weight gain (or loss), chest pain, arrhythmia, congestion, and even flu-like symptoms. High blood pressure (also know as hypertension) can be treated successfully through herbal remedies. Why not at least try! Right?

What Herbal Remedies May Be Effective In Treating Hypertension?

In order to lower blood pressure and stay off medication, we will explore our herbal options. First, Garlic is a good start if your blood pressure is not too high. If your blood pressure is mild high blood pressure then it may be treatable with garlic. If you do not know which type of garlic to purchase, I would recommend Kyolic Garlic that can be found at most vitamin and nutrition stores. Importantly, garlic will aid in blood-thinning to lower blood pressure. Another good herbal remedy includes Fish oil. The beneficial acids contained in fish oil are EPA and DHA. However, DHA has been shown to reduce blood pressure and improve brain function. It is important to even try it with a combination with magnesium for optimal results. Here, I recommend looking into GNC’s brand of triple strength fish oil. Although observed as a vitamin, CoQ10 has been shown to lower high blood pressure when taking at least 60 mg per day. If your systolic blood pressure is elevated, Coenzyme Q10 is a good remedy in treating this specific case. Keep in mind that you really do not need a high dose of CoQ10. An average healthy individual makes 300 mg per day, but more is needed if you have a disease or a deficiency. Try taking 60 mg per day at first since there is no evidence how too much CoQ10 may affect your body on a long-term level. It would be best practice if you would try taking one of the herbal remedies mentioned at a time in order to isolate which one is actually working effectively. If needed, you can take a combination on an eventual level. In the end, what herbs work for some individuals may not work for others. If you have severe hypertension, then you may need to consult your doctor to assure proper treatment since high blood pressure may be dangerous. Cheers to good health and prosperity!

Monitor Blood Pressure

There are a different ways in which an individual can monitor high blood pressure or check regularly for hypertension. Here we will be discussing the different things to consider when choosing the best path for you in monitoring for hypertension.

In all actuality, the best way to monitor for high blood pressure is by visiting your doctor’s office and having blood pressure checked by a professional.

In addition there are indeed many ways in which one can monitor high blood pressure at home.

One problem many individuals have indeed experienced through having their blood pressure checked at their doctors office is white coat hypertension. This type of hypertension ‘mysteriously’ appears only at the doctors office and is often due to stress while visiting the medical professional.

In addition, regular visits to a physician’s office can become quite costly, even though it is very important to see your doctor regularly. So check with them to see if there are other ways to check blood pressure daily, weekly or more.

Other alternatives used in order to monitor high blood pressure would be through the use of home high blood pressure monitoring devices.

With a home monitor, one can monitor blood pressure and watch for signs of hypertension as much as they would like.

There are now high blood pressure monitors which are digital and simply start analyzing through the push of a button in addition to aneroid blood pressure monitors which are the kind with the rubber bulb that is squeezed in order to inflate the cuff of the blood pressure monitor device.

Some tips on how to properly monitor high blood pressure include, not taking blood pressure readings right after a workout or consuming caffeine as this can cause a difference in the actual blood pressure reading. It is good to wait for about an hour or so before monitor high blood pressure.
Also, remember that room temperature, smoking, taking medications, stress and other factors can contribute to an inaccurate hypertension reading.
When taking a reading for high blood pressure, it is important to note that the area that the cuff covers should be relaxed and at the same height as that of the heart while the individual remains in a seated position for the test. it Is also important not to move around or talk while being tested for hypertension.

As for the cuff on the blood pressure monitor, be sure it does indeed fit properly for the size of your arm. There should be size ranges available for usage with the chosen equipment.

As mentioned, blood pressure can indeed fluctuate and it is for that reason that one should monitor high blood pressure multiple times and on both arms in order to obtain a good blood pressure reading.

Many doctors and cardiologists will promote the usage of home blood pressure monitor kits and the regular usage thereof in order to help promote healthier living for individuals.

Home blood pressure monitors have become quite inexpensive and there are many different types such as automatically inflating, digital screens and more. These monitoring devices for hyper tension can be found online as well as at many local stores.

High blood pressure should not be overlooked and if you do find signs of high blood pressure through home monitor tests, be sure to contact your medical professional for further guidance and analysis.