How To Ask Someone Out

How To Ask Someone Out- Time It Or Damn It!

Dating and timing goes hand in hand for sure and if you could perfectly time asking a girl out at night, half your job is done. If you look around you would see that most of the affairs crash not because of interpersonal problems but because of wrong timings. Meeting someone who is not yet ready for a family would be nothing but bad timing if you intend to get married and start a family soon. Right time holds the key to the success of any dating relationship. Remember one cannot bring back things lost in the whirlpool of time, so instead of brooding over the setbacks, the best approach would be to get going with optimism.

Asking a girl out could fail miserably if you discover that the girl you proposed is not yet recovered from the pangs of a broken affair or a personal loss. Meeting great girls alone would not be of any use unless the meetings are timed properly. These are some of the inevitable devils that are present in every one’s life; there are no shortcuts to do away with these snags as all these fall beyond our control.

Even if your proposal is accepted, you are not in safe turf as bad timings still could throw cold water on your love and marital dreams. If you want to take your girl out, the natural instinct would be to plan for a special weekend date as the pubs will be more lively and the streets more vibrant as people would be partying their weekend. But this may also turn out to be a case of bad timing. Instead why don’t you think about the add-ons of a typical week night party which can turn the tide in your favor? Weekends keep nearly everyone preoccupied with their hobby and work; and only if the girl is really interested in you, would she strive to accommodate a week end date in her diary entry. This would help you to keep uninterested and casual flings at bay as only serious contenders take the pain to make themselves available on a weekend. Moreover weekends are more relaxed and casual, which makes it ideal for a first date.

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Dating midweek also helps you to meet more dates in a shorter amount of time and ensures better chance to meet your dream date. However make sure to be flexible with the girl as far as the choice of date and venue are concerned. Always convey the idea that you are equally busy just like anyone all the while expressing your strong feelings towards her. If you sound ‘ever ready’, it might put off your girl as an elbow room is very often required to keep the interest alive.

However watch out for lame excuses which signal you to keep off the track as the girl is not interested in you. In such cases perseverance is the last thing that pays off; forget about winning the girl’s hand and move on gracefully.

The time factor trials you even when you are at night clubs. If you are inviting your girl to the dance floor when she is in the company of her gang, might be a terribly mistimed act and in all probability you are likely to lose this date.

Please bear in mind certain timing tips.

•  Study the situation when a woman can say no and stay way from such hot spots

•  Be flexible while fixing up dates

•  Project yourselves as a busy bee always

•  Never be tongue tied, be open in your conversations

•  Never be put off by her rebuff

•  Discover the best moments to ask someone out.