How to Increase Women’s Attraction Ten Fold!

Attraction problem men have when it comes to getting women

is the lack of initial attraction to get the woman interested in them.

Often men who are not exceptionally wealthy or good looking

think that they don’t stand a chance against the men who are.

But that is not at all true.

Even if you’re not the best looking guy in town and you’re earning an average income,

you can still make yourself extremely attractive to women by simply changing your approach and attitude.

The first thing I’m going to say is something you have probably heard a lot,

but I cannot emphasise the importance of it.

You need to be CONFIDENT.

Women are extremely attracted to confident men, and confidence really is a mindset.

This is one advice I give to a lot of men, A LOT of times,

and I can speak from my own experience it is true.


Increasing your confidence will increase your attraction with women.

Confidence is not something some people have and others don’t.

In my opinion, everyone has the potential to be confident.

It’s a mindset, and you can get this mindset by changing your outlook on life and how you view yourself.

Even if you have to “act” at first, eventually that confidence will become part of you and your personality.

Change Your Thoughts

Don’t bring yourself down.

Your mind is a very powerful thing and it will eventually believe the things you keep telling yourself, weather they are good or bad, and this really does show in your personality and is noticeable by those around you.

But even before you feel that your confident level have not reach just keep approaching women.

As times go by, you’ll learn that it is just a common thing and with positive thoughts your confident will increase.

But just take note that you won’t get that “Nice” kind of result as you want.

But don be frustrated, tell yourself it is just part of training to get yourself with something even better.

The action

When you speak to a woman you are interested in, don’t make it obvious that you are interested in her.

You should make yourself seem like a challenge to get to, like she should be the one chasing after you and not the other way around.

Challenging women will actually spark women attraction, as they now have a challenge which they are determined to overcome, and if she ends up getting you then it will make her feel like she has accomplished something.

Of course, it is important for you to play your part too.

Constantly playfully tease her and say things that will built up the attraction and make her want to chase after you, but that will not make it obvious that you are interested in her.

Most women are used to men coming up to them and flirting with them, trying to date with them. So if you do not do things differently to what she is used to, your attraction to her will most likely be the same as the rest of the stalkers.

Women are used to men chasing after them and do not often have to put in much effort to go for men, and so this different approach will catch their attention and boost your attraction.

Make it fun for them so that they enjoy it and do not lose interest.

You want to make it a challenge, but not make it so difficult that they will not want to put in the effort.

Make it more like a game than a task.

Teasing, joking, and doing things that will make her laugh will make her want to go after you.

If all goes well, then it should be a worth while happy ending for both of you!

Steve Douglas

Steve Douglas

My name is Steve Douglas. I am 34 years old from California, US. I, just like millions of men had to go through a break up with my beloved girlfriend. But I was fortunate enough to get her back. After this experience I decided I will create a platform that will help men that are in the same situation as I once was. I hope you enjoy and share my thoughts and recommendations to learn how to get your ex girlfriend back.

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