How to Make a Good First Impression When Dating


The expressions speak louder than the words. This is the statement that fits well in the situation of dating someone. The art of making the impression with one’s body language is the tested approach when you are on you date for the first time and even after that. The women are the successful adopters of this fine art in turning the heads of the men and making them believe that they have made the perfect choice for themselves. If a woman is skilled in this language, then she can end up in choosing the best among the rest to become her partner.

Eyes Are the Medium to Express

It is the best approach to establish the eye to eye contact with the man you admire so much. It is great to make some glances at the various things around you at the initial stage. After some time, try to maintain a constant gaze at the guy on the opposite corner. Now, it is the time to play a trick. You must take your eyes away from him, as he suddenly looks at you. Then bring an innocent smile on your face that will signal him that you were reading him with your eyes. This will make him feel special and a subject of admiration. Then move ahead to hold his gaze with a smile on the face. It could be the case that you are being gazed by a man you are not interested in, then don’t ever look back at him. Make him feel that you are not interested in him by looking at the things around you, especially at the ceiling of the room.

The Hands Are Your Best Tools

It is not necessary to touch the man on the other side to express your message to him. The language and signs of your hands can express the inner thoughts of your mind and that too in a beautiful and elegant manner. For instance, if you want to make him feel that you are ready to be open with him; your hands should be kept unclenched. The hands can add to the most sensual actions of yours, if are used to politely caress something like the blouse sleeve, glass rim and most importantly, the hair falling on your face. You may also pretend to touch him accidentally while holding the dish at the same time. You can also touch him for some simple reasons like removing dust from his coat sleeve or putting his tie at the right place. On the other hand, the hands can send some bad signs, if they are kept busy in doing some unworthy activities like cleaning glasses, putting in pockets and so on.

Maintain the Right Posture

The posture of sitting is also a crucial aspect to be kept in the mind. The posture is the best evidence of one’s nature, especially for the concerning person. If you try to come forward while talking, keeping the feet in the flat position on the ground and turning the whole of your body towards the man, then you are sure to make some good impression on the man in front of you. It is also advisable to keep on changing the position of your legs from crossed to uncrossed time and again.

It is nice to keep the man interested in you by employing the right kind of body language when on date. This will exhibit the great aspects of your personality in front of your dream man and bring him close to you.

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