How To Stop Being Jealous

Wuss Symptoms

Do you recognize yourself in those situations?

You feel disappointment and fear starts to creep into you as soon as a woman of your interest barely mentions another man.

You absolutely want to know who is this guy she keeps talking about in the conversation.

True Pheromones

You tend to believe that there is only a limited quantity of worthy women in the world – or even only one! – and if you don’t get that one, you may never get her at all.

Ok, let’s face it. You obviously display jealousy traits tendencies.

Wanna cure it?

Sure you want.

Some might advise to GFTOW – aka go f*** ten other women – in order for you to cure your jealousy. Not very realistic in my opinion. Because if you had the ability and the skills  to G.F.T.O.W right now, I believe you wouldn’t feel jealousy in the first place.

Get Busy

My best tip for you is to make yourself busy and start to work hard.

Start for example to arrange for yourself work in the morning and in the evening. Go to the gym. Spend time at social gatherings.

Make yourself so busy that you don´t even have the time to look at yourself in the mirror.

You will have your mind so much invested in the outer reality and will have your body so much immersed in the activity that you will forget women completely.

Especially if you are a young guy, the activity has to be really tough.

If you’re a student, you can be at the University during the day and get a bartender job in the evenings. Study in the spare time. Write articles about the subject you study and so on. Keep yourself busy 18 hours a day and sleep only 6 hours.

After a certain amount of time spent in this over-activity state, you’ll notice the change when you’ll have to say to people: “Sorry I was so busy I couldn’t call you”.

At this stage, you can be sure you will have forgotten her.

She Can’t Be Number One

Ultimately, an alpha male understands that a woman can never be his number one priority in life.

Jealousy comes from a place of scarcity. An alpha male comes from a place of abundance. He knows he can meet a woman anywhere anytime he wants.

For an alpha male, there are so many women in the world that he doesn’t have time to meet them all.

“Yeah but, how do I react when a woman keeps mentioning a random dude in the conversation?” you may ask.

Ignore it. Don’t even start down the road of wondering who she’s with or what she’s doing without you.
Only when you make someone competition does he become competition.

You need to consistently be the alpha male she needs you to be, and that means that you are never threatened by outside challenges. When you’re jealous and threatened, you act from defense and you’ll screw up the play.


Remember that, deep inside, women know that a man who isn’t threatened or jealous has something – something she wants to experience.

So become a true alpha male, and you’ll never get jealous again.